How can we fight the high cost of living?

Are you always worried about the average monthly cost of your household or the average cost of one person per person? What about the average health insurance cost or the average annual cost? Do you ever worry about average childcare costs or the average cost of daycare when you are married to a child? In reality, are you always worried about the average cost of your stay, where are you?

In this century do you agree that creating the prosperity of the average household is becoming more and more challenging for the working class for days? Do you know that the cost of living grows year after year? Is this the case in your life today?

Depending on which city you live in, when you marry a child, you say, "It's not really enough. Our spouse, after being our first child, means all of our income means various expenses such as housing, , Food and car. "

If you are in another city, it can be very difficult to make even less than $ 15 per head a simple meal. Taxi can be a luxury in a city, but not in other cities. Even if you rent a car in a particular city, your car tax and road taxes may increase your costs.

Many middle and lower income groups are faced with rising costs and stagnant payments. This is largely due to the large part of our disposable income being spent on needs such as food and housing.

Other Expenditures:

1) Retirement of Parenting Parents, including Health Care Expenses and Monthly Benefits.

2) Children: tuition, milk, diapers, education, books, toys, babysitting.

3) Housing: loans, rents, property taxes, insurance, utilities, maintenance, repairs.

4) Daily Costs: Foods, Transportation.

5) Car: Pay, maintenance, repair, toll, parking, fuel.

6) Health Care

7) Personal Income Tax.

8) Utility bills.

9) Credit Card Accounts.

10) Cigarettes (if smokers)

Every month less savings and luxury items. I have often been studying my own household balance on how to improve cash position, and I have still come to the conclusion that the only solution I can think of will simply increase household income after it has maximized the

1) Increase your active income resources.

1) Increase your active income sources. For example: wage growth, business growth or profit from trade in stocks

2) Creating an automatic wealth system. In other words, increase your passive income sources, such as real estate leases, dividends or royalties.

3) Reduce costs. Need to feel stress and want to cool down? Save the money in the local directory, go for a run or swim or walk in the park.

> Build your own pieces for your kids.

> Walk your car instead of a short distance.

> Drink more smooth water. Add the lemonade if you have something to taste.

4) Increase Your Financial Lecture Quotient with Different Quality Books and Courses

5) Discipline in Financial Practice. Last but not least

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