How can I set up your site on Google's front page?

Here's the technique of how to turn your site in front of Google.

Must be a site that can be a blog or a personal website. If you do not have the money to pay for your own domain, visit or and create a blog page. This is free and very easy to get the whole process to build on yourself.

Select a cab and a product and you are all ready. Perform your keyword research before placing content on your site and write them down.

So when people go to Google and enter a keyword or keyword phrase to find something they have and if your site's keywords match them, then not only traffic comes but you can also earn money. You can use Google AdSense to earn money.

You have two things here that are in your heart.

First, articles written in article titles have back links. If people are in your article then they click on your site. This is the option you are looking for. In fact, this is the basis of all article marketing techniques to find traffic. The full set of articles that you've created in this article will return to your site. These articles will track links that point to traffic to your site when they click.

Secondly, what's important here is that traffic is imported based on the articles in the articles above, and if the article is well-written and fully SEO optimized, your website is doing great keywords, to get direct traffic from Google.

Those who want something search on Google search for a particular keyword or keyword phrase and because the article is optimized with these keywords and article labels. High rankings, articles will surely appear on Google's first page. From here, direct clicks directly to your site, directly from the search results of Google Home.

Lessons learned here. Write and paste articles into the most important article directories and guide good PR and network privilege to high-end ads to display your article on the link to your site on the first page of Google, based on the same keywords or phrases that your articles they are used when people are looking for.

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