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Hotels in Darjeeling satisfy all your needs and while there are hotels that are plentiful and expensive and there are hotels that match the budget of everyday people. Some of the high category hotels are Sterling Resort, Hotel Viceroy Darjeeling and Himalaya Resort.

Darjeeling is an innovative boutique hotel offering excellent accommodation and the best cuisine at the mountain station. Shangri La Hotel has become a luxury and high standard. The hotel's boats feature a restaurant serving Darjeeling's finest continental and Chinese cuisine. The rooms are designed to have most of Kanchenjunga's top views. Shangri La satisfies the needs of both leisure and business travelers. Imagine you wake up in the morning just to find yourself at one of the most amazing summits in the world and this mood you can at Shangri La. pre-booked months ahead of peak tourist seasons.

Numerous three-star Darjeeling hotels are available for the traveler. Some of them include Hotel Anand Palace, Lunar, Swiss, Shambhu, Seven Seventeen, North Star, Mohit, Sunflower and Mayfair Darjeeling. These hotels are provided to travelers who require good service and quality at a reasonable price. Most of these hotels offer great opportunities and their cuisine alone is worth living.

There are some heritage hotels available in Darjeeling. Hotel Dekeling Resort, Windamere, Fortune Resort Central Darjeeling is a colonial-style hotel. The hotel will be renovated in colonial style heritage service and hospitality. In the midst of tea plantations, in the colonial times, a glimpse into the world. The Dekeling Hotel has a unique hospitality, which includes both Tibetan and British hospitality. Relax in a gentle walk in the tearoom outlets that lie near the hotel when we have to provide a leg.

There are also a number of hotels that are qualified for budget recipients. Some of them are Apsara Hotel, Farmont, Pineridge, Broadway, Cedar Inn and Classic Guest House. Choosing such accommodation is also a very good idea, money is wise.

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