Hotel Nacional De Cuba – Classic with thousands of stories

Perhaps it is interesting for the values ​​that Havana offers as the Caribbean destination, already knowing or reading the symbol of all Cuban hotels; Hotel Nacional de Cuba. Perhaps you know about its architectural features, the seafront awesome and upgraded location, competitive services, and perhaps even recognizing the nearly 80 years of experience that provides services and is the most popular accommodation for those famous people who have been to the Antillas headquarters.

The Hotel Nacional de Cuba, opened at the end of 1930, has brought a number of comments and goodies around the world.

Even though you're a familiar island, it's unlikely you know a lot of stories in the eclectic building. I will share this story with you in this first article on the Cuban Travel Blog.

I began to say that Hotel Nacional can now be in a completely different place … Actually, the actual place is within the most famous Havana city map. The hotel is located in the coastal resort of Punta Brava, at the highest point in the Taganana Mountains, just off Caleta de San Lázaro. This place dates back to the 17th and 18th centuries. In the century, it occupies a regular place for pirate shipyards, so the Spanish metropolis has chosen its place to create the famous Canon Aquarium of Santa Clara, some of which are still in the hotel garden. But, as mentioned earlier, it could have been built on other sites.

It was the second decade of the last century and Havana needed a luxury hotel. It should be noted that at this time Cuba received around 60,000 tourists each year. The President of the Republic was Gerardo Machado, and in his Cabinet of Ministers he issued a man who, on time and under the direction of Gerardo Machado, was named "The Intrepid" for his work in public works. We refer to Carlos Miguel de Céspedes. This was the man who had the most interest in building the Hotel Nacional de Cuba.

The immediate reaction comes from a number of inquiring investors. The American Casa Morgan pressed the Machado government to allow them to build and operate the hotel. These days, US bankers and entrepreneurs' delegation was in Havana, Mr. Brownson, president of the Purdy & Henderson Construction Company. Members interviewed Mr Céspéd, and it turned out that if the government were the foundation of the ancient Havana prison, the company would build a 500-room, magnificent hotel. These men had the intention of building the hotel in Havana, just at the entrance to the Havana Bay, to see the future hotel in the Castillo del Morro lighthouse. Carlos Miguel told the Americans that this place could not be used for the project as the government had already designed these funds to build the Palace of Justice that was already planned by the famous French designer of the Foresters; Céspédes had a better place to think. Mr. Brownson reacted angrily and faced the minister. On the contrary, he told him that he would not accept any other place than he asked for. When Céspede noticed that he had put pressure on him, the chairman of the construction company called him "blockhead" and told him it was impossible to work at all. When other members of the US delegation noticed that the minister was not a blackmailer, they intervened, and both of them were reassured, and after a while they all agreed to visit the Cuban deputy, he was willing to offer it.

Then Céspedes told the story in the following words: "When Mr. Browson came to the place, to the ancient Canon Element of Santa Clara, the contract for the construction of the hotel was at least obviously auctioned and won Purdy & Henderson , who also represented the interests of the New York Hotel Plaza and Morgan House. $ million invested in the hotel.

Carlos Miguel presented the evidence of impatience when he suggested that the contract should be very clear, that only the Cuban flag was in the immovable property would have caused one more case when the US flag fell below the Cuban flag to the official buildings

The date of signing the treaty gathered what was the time in Havana great society of Machado. While the contract was read by Céspedes noted that by it the requested case was omitted, and Machado's surprise Carlos Miguel partially broke the contract and asked for a new contract where it became clear that only the Cuban flag floating in the hotel.

This story, linked to the beginning of the installation, is just one of many of the hotel's treasures. So when they visit this property and enjoy the privileged view of the Havana Beach, they now know that the venue is arguing and finally grounded. With stories like this, we'll be back soon. Now I say good-bye to everyone.

Source by Liborio Pais

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