Homebased Online Travel Bureaus – The Hottest New Opportunity?

Due to the deregulation of airlines and other factors, more than 200,000 brick and mortar travel bureaus have been operating, closing doors in the last few years. Does this mean that travel agencies are no longer needed or available to the public? Not at all.

Many companies, including Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz, have developed this trend, so online booking programs have been developed and entered the market. As the internet became more popular and accepted as a secure and reliable business, their business literally exploded.

Wait … more brilliant entrepreneurial vision has seen this online phenomenon. Specifically, the online travel agency business model is particularly interesting for the network marketing industry. Here are some reasons why the concept of online travel agencies should include:

– The travel industry is huge! They spend over $ 1.3 trillion a year in the United States during the trip and spend over $ 7 trillion worldwide.

– The "Baby Boomers" are now reaching retirement age, and currently account for the majority of the travel dollar, they have money and are ready to travel

and as important as buying goods and services, it is here

– As more and more people see the benefits of their own home-based business, the online business, such as travel agents, has a real sense of purpose.

In the past, network marketing professionals had to learn expert sales and closing techniques to make their products and services successful, as well as a number of products and services that were historically reliably high at comparable prices with regular products. they definitely want to achieve, but the business models and programs that have been developed for the travel industry, the same network marketers can make their business a lot easier and they can make a big income from the comfort of their home. The reasons for this are:

– Product (travel) is a huge demand and people are already using online agencies for their travel purchases.

– Internet technology allows individuals to compete with large companies. It is proven that people prefer to go to a friend's website instead of a large, non-personalized company's site. – The network marketers can earn commissions for their own personal travel, – The start-up costs are low and the profits can be almost done immediately

This is a great way to help other people and make significant part-time work or full-time earnings.

– Basically there is no sophisticated sales and closing skills that need to be developed.

So knowing the brand names available and the easy use of the internet to buy travel goods and services offers exciting, new and profitable opportunities for network marketers to utilize the travel industry.

Source by Don Moor

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