Home Mole Removal Guide

There are many ways to try removing an unwanted pier, for example:

Natural Remedy:

* Apple Juice

* Soda and meadow oil

* Onion Juice

* Dandelion

Through the Counter Treatment:

* Herbal Treatments

* Mineral salts

Cosmetic surgery

* surgical intervention

* burned

* froze
But when the ugly moths / sunspots were blocked from my body, I decided to use my own removal method:


* Soldering iron- Clean / Sterile, make sure you have a small tip as large solder irons can damage the surrounding skin.
However, I must note that the moths / stains intended for removal appear to be 'normal' because they were not irregular or colored, and I thought they were risk free from cancer. 19459004

It is obvious that something strange It seems I'm leaving and a specialist looks at it. I must say that I do not suggest in any way that anyone else does what I do, I'm not a specialist in this area and would suggest that you get acquainted with a specialist before you treat anything on your skin.


And obviously I needed help to remove stains from my head / back / hind legs, etc.

– Ensure the solder paste with a cloth / fabric soaked with an antiseptic material. It is used when some kind of old residue is built on it.

If the iron was too dirty Then consider a new place.

-Select the soldering paste that will allow it to warm

If you do not use the product on a heat-resistant surface, Saucer.

On this occasion, I decided to remove the pier from my head: – Secure the ragdot antiseptic wipes, do not use tissue or toilet paper, Wound. – Remove the area treated with the disinfectant wiping cloth. – All I did was remove the mol / freckle / sun patch, which is basically A skin or just under the surface, so I did not have to go too deep. "I just gave a few light blows to the cone.

The skin's melting / cool with heat. "It's just a quick and easy blow to the skin just to deliver heat to the skin if the iron was too painful for a long time and I guess , Can cause significant damage and may cause significant scarring. – After a few blows of 3-5, I could just wipe the skin with alcohol wipes and usually the upper layer of the skin went out and usually the clam with it.

If a cone did not remove after about 10 channels, I would simply leave it because I thought it would be too removable.

Then I cleaned the area and let it recover in the next 1-2 weeks, ensuring that the area is kept clean while healing it.

-I have often discovered that even if the cone was not removed, and I thought it was too deep as the cone dropped from the whole cone.

I think the heating process killed the receiver, or actually the cone that "suppressed" the cone and then removed it with the cheek

Source by Ben Hughes

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