Hand pallet trucks history

Hand pallet trucks are relatively simple tools that allow one person to deliver one or more pallets without complicated heavy equipment such as forklifts. A hand pallet truck, also known as a pallet connector or pallet lift, does not have a large design that allows you to slide the blade set in the open area of ​​the pallets regardless of where it is located. The truck gently lifts the pallet so that only one person can move it to another location. The original pallet trucks have lifted the pallet from the ground with cranks and hoists, but today's trucks use advanced technology, such as hydraulics and small batteries, to have the power to lift heavy pallets.

] The basic manual pallet Is carefully designed to accommodate a number of knives that are aligned with the open area of ​​the pallet and are able to lift the ground several inches in a quick and intuitive way. On the other end of the device, a control panel allows the distance between the two blades to be set so that the user can lift pallets of different shapes and sizes. The robust base supports both blades and control panels and is mounted on flexible small wheels to provide maximum movement. Most hand pallets have a rear wheel that rotates, making it easier to handle the corners. Some of the more advanced trucks have front and rear rotating wheels.

Most of the historians of the hand pallet truck go back to the first half of the 1900s. In many manufacturing plants, the need to move raw materials and finished products with greater efficiency has become increasingly important to achieve higher production levels. Early versions of the truck, which resembled today's hand pallets, were much more useful to transport small quantities of goods from the warehouse to the production floor, but still gloomy, wasteful and inefficient.

The handball that we know today was formally discovered in 1939 by George Raymond, Sr and Bill House. Despite the fact that they have forgotten the precise way the inventor of a pallet vehicle is, the original patent still exists. With the invention of a hand pallet truck, a single worker can lift and move the whole pallet. Loaded pallets are easy to transport, require less time and resources than moving the material manually or even with a manual truck.

The biggest advantage of a hand pallet truck is that it is comparatively small compared to other devices that perform similar tasks. Thus, it is extremely easy to use the lorry in small and narrow spaces where even the smallest forklifts can not pick it up. Smaller and more rotating wheels handle the winding spaces very easily. For this reason, manufacturers have set up dozens of lorries for use in different departments. Hand pallet trucks from plant floor to shipping areas are utilized by virtually every department and will continue to be one of the most useful tools for manufacturers.

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