Guide to My Friend on a Trip to Thailand

When my boyfriend went to a university before I went to college I was envious. I thought I did the same thing, but I decided to take advantage of a year of reduced tuition fees and then think about traveling. When he returned, we celebrated, talked about his feast, and looked at the photographs. A few years later I will ask again about the trip, this time to get advice as I plan my trip to this incredible country. My first advice was to not only come to Bangkok and settle there. He said that a lot of passengers fell into the trap, tempted by cheap bars, entertainment, and the rich food here. He said that my first destination should be clearly planned. I would also like to make sure that there are no festivals in town when I arrive because it is much harder to travel. So he picked up my first destination (Ko Samui, because I was trying to dive) and moved to his next advice.

. In all areas where you visit where you want to do something specifically (for example, diving or jungle tours), it is worth buying. Often, people's services where most passengers get off are not the cheapest or the best. If you take the time to really look around and not meet at the meeting of the first merchant, you will probably find an opportunity that is as good or better without it. Your next advice is to make sure you have obtained your travel plans . There is a lot of cheating on a variety of taxi services, so be sure to accept the fare before you take off, make sure the driver takes you to the right destination and do not pick up anybody when they tell you the close attraction is closed but if you like it, like taking a similar one. That was the only way I could get out of it, as the conversation quickly turned to how fun it was and how it would be so enjoyable. He thought I'd definitely try to ride an elephant at one point, claiming that one of the best points is his way. I do not know how to stand at the height.

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