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Google Friend links widgets that allow any webmaster to work within one hour to improve your site with the most up-to-date community features. The widget allows visitors or members of the current site to join the site, introduce * familiarize themselves with their friends and engage with each other.

I use "*" because it is most interesting and innovative:

Google is a holistic concept that I think is better than anything else. As far as all the roads are concerned, you will be in Rome, which in this case will be Rome you. Web 3 is about you and your friends. Smaller communities that share the same interest, the same understanding, see the same vision.

From a small widget familiar with Google, Google allows a visitor to create a Google profile: []

This profile page allows you to link to " for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, EzineArticles, etc. and allows people to contact you, without saving your privacy. Invite Friends:

through the web: your gmail relationship, Orkut's friends, Facebook friends, plaxo etc. "


are some "social modules" that you can associate with your Google friend, such as adding a comment, adding a link to a video, an art rating page or game, side walls, surveys , event invitations and ilike. The list of modules used increases from day to day. If I'm not wrong, it's very close to the day you can add 1000-bit gadgets to your site. When Google thought about the open social platform, I'm sure (at least now) that "Google Friend Connect" was in their minds. Share / Syndication : Any activity on the site is synced through plaxo, orkut, and most importantly through its profile:

say that 15 sites have joined gfc. Now your activities will appear on your profile on all of these sites, as well as links, interests, and more.

is a developer of web applications that has been following "open social" development for more than a and a half years, has a gadget developer who has a Igoogle sandbox account for that period, and as a webmaster / administrator with your own site / blog, you can be sure that your Google friend is joining the future. I do not even mention "Google Reader", which is part of it, but I keep this next article.

Here's a link to a Google friend relationship featured video, marketing-oriented.

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