Gold frog – some basic facts

Gold frogs make a great pet because they live in a quiet habitat. This species lives for a maximum of six years and has a pointed nose with angled head, orange-colored, slightly striped gray color, brown strip around the face, white or creamy belly. They should be fed twice or three times a week and enjoy live crickets as the main course.

; Suggestions below:

1. Active people prefer because alarms and mobile frogs are healthy frogs.

2. Do not cut frogs with cuts, scratches, unusual bumps, dark red markings, fibrous wear, or underweighted frogs.

3. Add frogs with cloudy eye disease signs.

4. We recommend that new frogs be quarantined and checked by the veterinarian before they are introduced to an occupied habitat to make sure they do not infect existing frogs.


A healthy habitat for the Golden Trees Frog requires a terrarium containing the following recommendations:

1. The 20 gallon terrarium 24 "x12" x16 "two men and one woman

2. Containers should contain sediments such as driftwood or grapevines, hideout of large leaves and a bowl of spring water Enough for the frog to soak in.

3. Do not use gravel, tiny needles, or scrubbing carpets, as they may cut their skin and may be dangerous to swallow, but wet towels, foam or coconut shells 9459009] Plants are needed but make sure that the selected products are not poisonous, artificial plants can be planted to provide acceptable nesting sites, leaf plants should be added to provide additional nesting sites.

5. Keep humidity above 60% and keep the temperature between 75 and 85 degrees.

The Golden Tree Frog usually enjoys the live cricket diet and is ge. Three to six cuts must be fed three times a week. Once a week, another meal is added to increase their food, including walnuts, eating worms, silkworms, butterflies, flies, or other insects. Do not nourish more because it will have fat, which is highly prone to illness and infection. In order to maintain healthy frogs, every third adult nutrition must supply foods that are rich in quality reptile with vitamins and minerals, while young people have to feed it with all nutrition

Although many velvety types that are colored in color, have toxins on their skin, these Golden Tree Frogs are not poisonous.

You can buy a Golden Tree Frog from a wide range of online stores, but it's a pretty expensive buy. But if you are looking for a little more, you can also find gold frogs.

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