Getting to know Google and Yahoo

Maximizing your site traffic is the ultimate goal of any expert blogger. Two of the best online organizations that help you get access to Google News and Yahoo News; Everywhere around the world millions of readers arrive at these places every day. Exposure and credibility are the site of these websites in the big leagues. And if you subscribe to this site, you can get massive exposure. You must sign in to their website before submitting your blog's URL to Google and Yahoo! News. There is no registration fee, but you need to know how the two sites work.

Google News

Google searches for a number of news sites and compiles them to create a unique, comfortable news source. Certain factors dictate how often the news appears. Google uses only online news providers to find out which of the 4500 news items are the most important. There are no people in the editing process. Google News breaks down the top news and eight categories: news, news, business, science and technology, sports, entertainment news, health news, and top news.

There are points to keep in mind.

* Currently, RSS / Atom news feeds and news will not accept Google News.

* When you submit your URL, you may be asked questions that you first answered. Then, Google News will examine your blog and decide if it is eligible for your site. They will be informed at the time of acceptance if they need more information from them; However, there is no guarantee that your blog will be on your site.

* If you'd like to get more tips from the source, go to the Google News Help topics.

Yahoo News

* Yahoo has as much traffic as Google News; Both are very similar to the content. They also use people instead of automation to get news. However, hot news can be found on the main website and the rest can be searched through Yahoo's news index. As far as accepting a blog is concerned, the first thing a blogger has to do is answer a few questions and then tell Yahoo why your blog should be listed on the news portal.

* If Yahoo likes the items you see in your blog and decides to be listed on the news portal, you'll be in touch.

When you try to get your content between Google and Yahoo news, Difficult and the rejection rate is high. But keep these tips in the mind you get a little edge to build a great reputation.

* Content must be positive and it is essential for your blog to fit in with relevant keywords.

* Remember to work with at least one additional blogger or your blog is not listed. You can find guest bloggers or collaborate with a colleague and work together in the long run.

* The response time of a fast server is key. Web bots are part of blogs that can be quickly indexed and loaded.

After the blog was approved, Google News strongly recommends adding a sitemap. You can easily manage it by signing up on Google Webmaster Tools and then using the Sitemaps in Tools. Sitemaps are highly effective in promoting traffic and spider mapping.

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