Fun Facts About Mangosteen Fruit

Did you know that Mangosteen Fruits are in many places called the SuperFruit in the world? This is a fun fact that you may not know about Mangosteen fruit.

1) Mangosteen fruit is a tropical fruit originating from Asia

2. Mangosteen fruit in Thailand

3) Mangosteen fruit is mentioned in Chinese medical reports Behind the Ming Dynasty (1368A.D.-1644A.D.)

4) Thousands of people use hundreds of hundreds of years of use of Mangosteen Fruit for medical use.

5) Mangosteen fruit is recommended by world famous doctors as preventative maintenance of the body.

6) Mangosteen fruit is about the size of a mandarin (19459002)

7) Many claim from all over the world to be the world's finest tasting friut.

8) True Scientific name Garcinia Mangostana

9) Mangosteen Fruit is generally 80-140 grams

10) A Mangosten fruit contains only 2-3 seeds.

11) The height of mangosteenfa height may be up to 75 feet

12) Mangosteen Tree Cultivation is the Fantastic Tasting Fruit

13) Mangosteen Tree Produces Twice Fruits twice a year

14) Mangosteen fruit finds 43 more than 200 Xanthoms in nature.

15) It is known in some parts of the world that it is the "queen of fruits," and "the food of gods."

16. The Mangosteen fruit is purple and has a very soft crown when it first comes from the tree and then cures to the texture and hardness of the pamagranit skin.

19) Mangosteen fruit is rich in Antoxonoses

18) Mangosteen fruit was named by French explorer and physician Laurentiers Garcin


20) The Mangosteen Fruit is used as a fiber or parakeet for both tanning and dying

21) And finally, Mangosteen fruit is not Mango !!!

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