Frugal Travel Tips in Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, full of mall and history. One of Seville's most important points, Alcazar, is an ancient Islamic palace worth the expensive entry fee. There are a number of free attractions to compensate for this cost, including the other must, Seville Cathedral and free Sunday access.

Seville Cathedral with Giralda Tower Sunday

In general, the Seville Cathedral charges a high entry fee from the Giralda Tower. When I went, I paid the fee and didn't spoil the costs. One of the few cathedrals with private rooms in front of the public and a tower overlooking almost all of the old Seville (the ramp in the tower instead of the stairs allowed the ancestors to ride instead of walking). the best sights in Seville.

If you plan your trip and stay in Seville on Sunday, the entrance fee will be canceled. Yes, it's free.

Plaza de Espana

Any true Star Wars fan recognizes Plaza de Espana for George Lucas. inspiration from the Naboo Palace. Any other traveler will simply appreciate the example of beautiful architecture. Tile work covers every inch, including multiple bridges. Along the bases of the buildings, each province contributes, and tile shows a significant historical event.

The entrance to the plaza is free.

Torre del Oro on Tuesday

The Torre del Oro or the Golden Tower was precisely that the 13th-century tower was covered with gold. He is now organizing a marine museum. There is usually an entry fee, but on Tuesday, this fee will be canceled.

El Alamillo Bridge

El Alamillo is a perfect example for those who prefer modern architecture. The huge bridge that connects La Cartuja Island with Seville's old town, El Alamillo is primarily a bridge of vehicles. However, there is a pedestrian walkway in the center.

There are many pedestrian walkways in Seville that are perfect for those who are watching and crowded with artists and street performers.

Real Fabrica de Tabacos

This former tobacco factory was built over 500 years ago and made the opera of Bizet Carmen famous. Once there was an orphan and a prison. Now a university building, open and free for all travelers. Inside, savvy visitors find cheap university food and drinks.

Can't say Spain didn't see Seville. A beautiful, walking city, Seville is also an economical travel paradise.

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