Free blogs are not free

Now, if you read this, you probably have a fantastic idea for a blog and not too much. I'm right? You don't know how to start, and where to start, and that's fine. Every person who now has a blog online was at some point in his shoes. What many charming bloggers end up with is a free blog, a free domain name and free hosting. Sounds good, right? I suggest you don't do this.

How much do free blogs cost? In about 2 minutes, you can happily enter a blog for nothing. Well, not really anything. It may be free because it doesn't cost you money, but it's costly. You will not control your blog, you will not control the domain, the ads on the blog may not receive revenue, and you must comply with the policies and rules and so on. Is not yours. What happens if you break a rule? Or are they changing the rules? Or do you decide you no longer want blogs on your blog? Your site can be turned off immediately. It happens.

Why Offer Free?

There is always a catch when they offer something free and probably online. Why would anyone offer a free service to anyone who wants it? Not a cheap thing on a large scale. There are servers, employees, software, insurance and security, etc. Like any other business. Then why are these people sold? It's simple. They make money from their efforts. This can be as simple as displaying ads to visitors. You may be provided free of charge with a basic blog, but with advanced or custom options that charge you. You might just want all the data and web traffic. Think about it. If you have hundreds of thousands or millions of blogs you have checked, but other people have worked hard to put their content, there are a lot of data and traffic.

Take Away

t It is amazingly cheap to do. My suggestion, though it seems complicated (no!), Stores your own domain name on your own website. Go to the first step with "free" blogs and do your own thing.

Source by William P. Kelly

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