Four Geriatric Marketing Techniques Insurance Agents Need to Use

Creating clientele for insurance clients is not the simplest. And regardless of whether it's only starting with the insurance industry or having years of experience, it's always a good way to attract customers without spending too much on your advertising costs. Guerrilla marketing can help. Guerrilla marketing is a way to promote your services at a minimum (if applicable) cost. You need to use four effective geriatric marketing techniques now to attract more customers.

  1. Advance Payment – This technique can go a few dollars, but the return can be huge. The next time you go to the cafe, cinema or somewhere in the cafe, you pay for the person's ticket or the coffee behind you. Then give the cashier a business card to give it to the person. Even if you do not get the person to become a customer, your mouthpiece will be huge and you will be able to benefit in the near future. With this technique, keep your costs minimal by ensuring that the underlying person is a person or a couple instead of 5 or 6 groups or families.
  2. Enter some guest blogs – If you know someone who is running a blog about the type of insurance products and services, ask if you can make a few guest entries. The guest blog gets some recognition and can almost always include a link to your site somewhere in the blog or at the end. Guest blogging also provides credibility in insurance specialty that is great in business
  3. Create a Top 10 List for Promotional Items – Every day people see business cards on cash registers and other areas of local businesses. In fact, it is so widespread that most people simply do not notice them. But if you make your promotions unique, you will have a greater chance. Why can not you "create the 10 most important reasons for choosing life insurance [your business name here]" and put them in place of business cards? People love the lists because they are compact and easy to read. Create your list of humorous and true, and will only notice the growth of your customers in a short time.
  4. Send Greeting Emails – Festive emails are a great way to connect to existing customers, but why not send them to their former customers? You may not be using your services at this time, but if you need them again, you are the first person you thought about contacting them. Send them emails for the proper holidays that they celebrate so as not to hurt them and only take a couple of minutes of time with huge returns.

This is just a few of the techniques you can apply to your ad arsenal to help build your client base. Of course, the more creative will be the number of people that will attract insurance products and services. Keep in mind that the most effective advertising techniques are not always the most expensive.

Source by Daniel Hagy

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