Formostar infrared body cover VS infrared sauna: the differences discovered

In the last few years I often asked, "What's the difference between the Formostar infrared body and the infrared sauna?" Well, there is quite a difference, but first let me explain what Far Infrared is.

Simple remote infrared (FIR) light is a form of thermal energy and invisible to the eye. This is the warmth she feels on her skin when she is in the daytime. The FIR was measured at a wavelength that contains the so-called microns that are best absorbed by humans in the range of 3 to 50 microns and the optimum is 9.4 microns. This is the exact wavelength that is programmed by Formostar.

FIR effects are weakened by distance, so the closer FIR source is, the greater the impact. Here begins the difference between carpet and carpet!

Near the body, FIR can penetrate the skin (dermis), muscle, veins, lymph nodes, nerves and cells in the 4-5 cm / cm. The infrared is just moving straight and not reflecting. Sauna FIR elements are hidden behind the wall and are far from the viewing angle so they can figure out how far they are. These elements warm you and the air around you; However, penetration will not be so deep in the tissue layers. Thanks to the proximity of the skin, 93% of the radiation emitted by Formostar is absorbed through the skin and deeper tissue. Another advantage of saunas is that if a Formostar has an infrared body, the prince is heat-free and can breathe a clean room's air, which is an inevitable problem with the sauna.

Most infrared saunas only last half hour. The body takes 20 to 30 minutes to warm up on the fat burning stage so the sauna ends as it begins! Formostar takes fifty minutes, which is more than enough time to shoot a storm and burn 1200 calories.

Remote infrared energy vibrates cells, helping interconnections between deposits such as fats and toxins. Continuous vibration of the body's molecules increases dermis temperature, increases blood vessels, stimulates circulation and activates metabolism in tissues and cells. Targeting and deepening of Formostar packagings aim at areas where fat deposits (tumor, hips and thighs) are higher, so that the cells underneath are more activated and release more fat and toxins.

Formostar is a German-made and It's just a machine of its kind in the world to use non-allergenic high-density silicones. This is necessary for packaging to be authenticated for use in the human body. Since silicon, packaging is impermeable to bacteria and can be easily cleaned from body fluids with an organic disinfectant between customers. While there are multiple antibacterial problems in the sauna, there are no known problems with using Formostar.

Formostar is a type 2 medical device approved in Europe, the United States and Australia. Testing security and compliance in Australia. This is listed in the Australian therapeutic asset and is the only infrared device to which these approvals belong. If the products are not listed as approved therapeutic tools, companies are not entitled to make claims that their products can achieve specific results, especially in terms of weight loss and pain relief. In order to make statements that your products actually produce these results, companies have their own studies. You will find that most infrared products rely on articles on the Internet and have anecdotal evidence of selling infrared products. Formostar has two clinical trials and is in a third stage.

All Formostar clients must complete a medical questionnaire before packing to ensure they are not contraindicated. Other products that heat the body do not do this. All staff must be trained and accredited to enable Formostar to be used by clients; Other infrared products do not appear in this accreditation process.

Source by Lisa O’Connor

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