Fixing the rabbit corkscrew by itself

Those who have rabbit corkscrews in their homes will see that they start to act strangely in time and will do the opposite instead of turning the cork. This basically means that the cork will no longer jump out and instead will be placed inside the bottle. If you notice this situation, you need to know how to fix the rabbit corkscrew and the next steps will help.

Step 1: You have to see how the rabbit corkscrew works when you top it. Two side pins are attached to the side of the bottle, and must be in the correct position under the handles so that the screw does not move in the wrong direction. When you press them, place the pins securely on both sides of the bottle. If not, the inner sleeve that helps them may be damaged.

Step 3: The bolt of the ratchet must be covered under the pins, depending on the model. You have to remove the covers and then evaluate the condition in which the sleeves are. In most cases, they travel to the outside of the enclosed area, making it difficult to remove the screw.

Step 4: If this is the case and the top of the bushes, then all you have to do is put them back in their original position and fix the rabbit corkscrew. To do this, use any device that is well-suited, fits into the housing and can be used to push the bushings backwards. If you do this, even with a traditional kitchen knife, the corkscrew is ready for normal use again.

Source by Stewie Anderson

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