Fat Blogger

The jury of ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, blog blog is actually a dangerous place in life.
Bad for physical health.
Nice harbor … but not living.

And today I want to prove beyond doubt that there is an indisputable relationship with the appearance of the blog post and the physical declination of modern society. Although sociological, educational, psychological, emotional and potential commercial benefits are well documented, the terrible physiological consequences that are often overlooked and which need to be valued and weighed when wanting to be a regular traveler are known as the blogosphere. Fat City.

A year ago (before the blogosphere), this writer was a fine-tuned elite athlete with unbelievable vision, magnificent posture, deltoids such as bowling balls, lung trails, weapons such as a pro wrestler and an Olympic girlie's waist (my blog, my story-count, my history). Twelve months on the track in front of an honest old man, a fourteen-year-old uninhabited mouth, lungs like a long-term smoker, weapons like a fat bookkeeper and a sixty-five-year-old taxi driver's waist.

I look like a bacon donut on top.

During the past year, I spent more time in my computer with my total energy consumption (how many calories you burn per day).
And this decision made it easier for the … er, dimension to grow.
I'm not taking more, I use less.
My daily energy release is somewhere behind the dugong and the hibernating bear.

I still study five days a week but if you do not raise or bicycle, I usually do what i do (or similar); burns about four calories per hour.

What we "geeks" are called ancillary and occupational activities & # 39; (things we burn and the claw we burn in a normal day) … down.
On the road.
Through the floor.
I'm sure I'm still practicing, but when I'm not practicing, I'm making a statue.

And contrary to public belief (with desperate hope), these unnecessary values ​​are not transformed into massive stamps. Just yesterday I visited the "fried donkey" in my illustrated dictionary and I had a picture of blogging.

My golden hail has a higher BMR (silence than me).
And he's only two inches long.
Of course, he spends 24 hours a day, but he is still not fair.
Not even crossing!

If you know of all the sciences (yep, one word), I can say that there is a direct relationship between my time on keyboard and my bowel size. And I also assume that there is a reverse relationship between blogging time and aerobic bodyness.
And I can definitely assume that blogging actually shortens life expectancy.

I would even suggest suggesting "smoking, blasting and excessive use of computers" in one basket; "bad for your health" & # 39; basket. Okay, let's just close your eyes for a few seconds and look at the blogger full performer.
Waddya to see it?
Is not that cute?
Stay in my case.

Research (mine) says that not only bloggers (who are particularly vulnerable), but also internet and computer users are commonplace. So during this little monologue, you can freely change your Blogger & # 39; the right computer user & # 39; (for you) … you can be a blogger, a kid who spreads his life playing computer games, someone who is working on a computer for a job, a student or an online drug addict. Okay, I can actually manipulate a little bit in my present state of physics, but the truth is that it has gained a few pounds, my vision is degenerating and I have to keep track of my posture.
Although the internet and computers are usually a wonderful resource, I'm really serious (something new) when I'm saying there's a lot of real physical costs on the keyboard.
If computer users do not have a practical approach to counteract such long-term sessions, then we have physical consequences … unlikely or probably; obviously.

So …
Last month's time-consuming, cost-effective (free) strategy for "computer" management; This is what I called the "Computer Junkie Fitness Fitness Guide" and anyone can do it anywhere.

Recognizing that most people are not (necessarily) passionate about exercise, I have designed something that is practical, realistic, effective, and meets all workout.

It takes four to eight minutes, it takes place every hour on the computer, does not require any change in clothes and gym equipment. There will not be room for the Olympic team, but it completely alters how you look, feel and work when you do it.

See …. is one of the benefits of linking to a blogger who is also a handsome scientist who, after becoming addicted to my blog, can help fix your horrible posture and do something about your love.

Program tomorrow.

Source by Craig Harper

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