Extreme sports activities in Pattaya

For those who think Pattaya is the center of nightlife and just arrive at night, watch extreme sports to make your days more exciting.

If you are interested in water sports, you can go surfing and kite surfing. You can choose nightly surfing, but the ideal time of year is the end of January to March when the moderate west-southwest wind is around 8-12 knots. For kitesurfing (or kiteboarding) fans, the best time from March to June when mid-south winds and low tides make the wide beaches ideal for newcomers.

Surfing and kiteboarding classes are held at the Blue Lagoon Watersports Club on Jomtien's southern shore. The area is reserved only for wind-powered sports, so there is no annoying jetsk you are struggling with! The waters of Pattaya are safe. During the wind season there are no jellyfish or sea urchins and there has never been a shark attack recorded in Thailand!

Windsurf lessons were given by Amara Watersports, owned by Ex World Champion Windsurfer Amara Wichithong. If kiteboarding is your sport, there are several courses, from a 4-hour introduction that will prepare you for the first ride on the water for a 3-day course that provides you with a separate dragon ride.

For scuba-diving enthusiasts Pattaya offers year-round diving opportunities and good scuba diving. Diving on Pattaya Islands is available every day. Pattaya Thailand is a scuba diver, you can choose from several scuba diving courses. If you are a seasoned diver, consider a special course such as underwater photography or a technical dive course like a rebreather course (no bubble to be scared of fish!) Or a cave diving course.

In Pattay, the air-savvy adventures learn to fly an ultra-light, or a paraglider, or if you're flying from the airplane, there are more riding courses available. A great way is the lake of Tandemhegy. You can enjoy all the excitement and feeling of free fall as you will enjoy the panorama of the underworld. As you travel in the air, an expert skydiver is steered, manages the parachute and safely takes the ground. Paragliding allows you to swim on the thermal baths and breathtakingly like a bird in the countryside, quietly and lightly. Courses available from beginner to advanced pilot. Paramotor training courses are also available.

For adrenaline junkies, Pattaya is on two bungee jump sites. Take the top of a 50-foot tower and jump to the ground, with the knowledge of stopping a bungy string before coming to the lake.

If you're fast, you'll love cycling track days at Bira International Raceway. The bicycle is a powerful, yet adjustable, race-fed Suzuki GSXR-750. On-site specialists help you set up your bicycle to match the style of racing and make sure you spend a day of fun!

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