External hemorrhoid V-perianal hematoma

In many cases, perianal hematoma is a bad diagnosis of external hemorrhoids. How do you know what is and what is the perianal hematoma and not the external hemorrhoids?

First, a hematoma is basically a bruise, collecting blood in the tissues outside the veins. Perianal hematoma hematoma at the border of the anus; this is often referred to as an external hemorrhoid. Perianal hematoma is caused by the breakage of the virus in or around the veins, which can occur during severe or even coughing.

Blood can be removed shortly with a syringe, but if you leave the blood for too long, this form is impossible. If a blood clot is formed, simple surgery can be removed manually by local anesthesia. Generally, the incision induced in this way is not sewn and instead heal itself. This is okay because such surgical wounds are perfectly healed.

Special care should be taken when perianal hematomas are surgically removed and do not allow the bacteria to penetrate the fecal matter. This can lead to all kinds of infections; resulting in multiple surgeries and multiple risks, or may cause digestive complications that may cause too much antibiotics. It is not known whether there is a perianal hematoma or external hemorrhoid, in fact, hemorrhoids are also commonly diagnosed to treat cracks (skin rupture), fistula or anal melanoma (malignant melanocytes). Take your doctor if you have any questions about whether there is hemorrhoid or something else.

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