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A short web blog, blogs are the coolest thing since the day of the paper's making. How do you dislike the ability to describe an article about your dog having dinner and sharing it with the world?

Blogs allow everyone to share their minds from ashtrays to zoology. The really big thing on the internet no matter what topic you choose, thousands, but probably millions of people who have exactly the same interest.

I've been online for 10 years, I recently discovered that I really enjoy writing articles. It seems to me that it will be easy for me to do it. Blogs made millions of people for immediate authors. The strange thing is that some of the blogs are very interesting. You really feel the creativity of the owner.

Who would have thought that we could write passive income on events and topics of our lives. Google and millions of other companies who are willing to pay for their blog, this is a dream come true.

Myspace broke the scene and put the entire blog in a gap, receiving teens. This is a sure formula for success. If an teenager finds something cool or "that", people get the product to make tons of cash. Especially if the product is exclusive to them.

Blogs will continue to be a major part of the Internet, becoming more and more people for everyone, becoming celebrity and blogging. Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of Dallas Mavericks, is a well-documented blogger. By the way, this blog's blog is under $ 10,000 with Alexa, but you do not have ads or AdSense on your site. Talk about not having the money.

Source by Todd Robinson

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