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Lagos is a gigantic African city that provides life and style. This is the film, television, music and entertainment center of Africa, which is very hot and proud of the nation of Nigeria. There are many in this city that you simply can not regard as a normal global city. First of all, it is very important for the port city in the world, probably the busiest in Africa, making it the business and financial center of the country. This is the country's most economically dominant area and accounts for most of Nigeria's population and GDP.

Benefits of tall buildings in the city center. The elegantly designed and modern new city is like fresh air, as well as other great and historic places in the more culturally old city. Flights to Lagos can be reached via Muhammad Murtala International Airport, which corresponds to millions of passengers every year who come and go yearly.

The city's historic and modern architecture includes a single day trip that you can plan almost every day. One of the good ideas on the coast of Lagos to Ponta da Piedade. This is a famous place because of the rock formations along the shore. There is nothing like taking a boat trip and looking at the rocks of the rocks along the beach. And Lagos can be the best way to start a great African trip for you, your family or friends who are looking at adventure.

There are plenty of Grottos here and you can see millions of years of erosion work with such beautiful rock formations. Boat excursions can dive off the cliffs at the main Lagos beach, a small harbor with giant boats. Early in the morning it would be a good time to come here because of the low tide; the weather is not so hot.

Cheap flights to Lagos is perfect for any vacation. In the event that the beaches are too crowded or too familiar with you, you can discover more places just in the main beach areas. If you cross the river on the east coast; you can come to Meia Praia. There are plenty of hills here, and the soft slopes of the place are so perfect for a cozy but secluded place that has not been discovered yet.

On the beach west of Praia da Luz fishing village. This place is visited by many tourists, so it may not be as dumb but still fun. If you are still on the beach, you can go to the fishing town of Burgau, where there is a beach that offers a stunning sunset and sunset that you will not believe.

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