Ever since I learned to meet and attract women, I usually found that Asian women "FOB short" play under slightly different rules. " The Ultimate Guide to Asian Uprising

So my time is "in the game", I found that these differences were and play them for my advantage. This guide will tell you what you need to get FOB for Asian women, but keep in mind that this is still just a guide. It's pointless if you do not do it and try it.

First, Asian women are divided into three categories: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Unlike the uninitiated, Asian women are the same and react to Western men. However, on the basis of my extensive experience, I have found that there are nuances that make a difference to meet and attract her.

So let's look at the different categories.


If you normally meet with them at work, friends or other "normal" media exchange, they meet and make fun of them simply.

But if we talk about cold approaches in the street or in the club, then this is a very different story. What the Chinese have to know is that everyone in the Asian countries is the one who is most likely to block the encounter with new people; Especially foreigners. If you really want to meet Chinese girls at the club or mall, numbers are playing – no matter how good you are. However, do not let this prevent you from trying.

Typical Chinese girls are very conservative, but they differ from being originally raised in China. Here is the list of different places in China from the most conservative to the least:

  1. Capital of China (The West is Going More Conservative)
  2. Shanghai
  3. Hongkong
  4. Macao
  5. Taiwan
  6. While the participation of the Japanese from outside is very gentle and timid to others, they are the dominant countries of Asian women's clothing, as the participation of the Japanese in the "outside world" seems to be very gentle and timid for others. "

Opposition to White Men – Not Korea or China

Japanese women are really fascinated by the West and I have a lot of experience, they are very receptive to your development. Or they will not blow away from Korean women unless they like it.Okay, they may seem like they love, but in fact they can only waste their time because they are too polite to say that they are not interested in them. Japanese women are still very friendly and They are very open They meet with new people

Korean women are very similar to the Japanese, but the biggest difference is that they will not just go because Westerner. However, just as in Western culture, every girl is different and does not fit into a uniform form

459004] How to Take It

If you have a general experience of taking girls, the rise of Asian women is the same concept but relies on some differences.

A Lesson of Sincerity It is very important that you have to ask for the rise of Asian women, honest.

Sincerity is arguably the most important concept of successful take-up of girls, but it's 100 times for Asian women. Sincerity basically 100% coincides with your feelings at a given moment. Do not try to cool on the top, or even confidently – especially if you do not feel it.

It's actually just a re-hash of the whole "you yourself" cliché.


Maybe you're worried that an Asian girl does not like a dweeb is not permitted, but not authorized dweeb who is acting 100% , More likely that she, like a braggadoci, is too macho, arrogant guy. When your girlfriend's friends, mom or sister grabbed you, "just be yourself" when you told them the problems of her – they did not try to mislead you, but to really give you advice. Another thing to note is that Asian women by their nature are shy and inward looking like western women. "

When the West finds themselves in a club full of Westerners, it's natural that they are more like Alpha, more powerful and more self-confident, as Western women respond. However, Asian women are too distracted. Talk to her as you talk to a 4-year-old girl. Overall you are very gentle and you do as much as you can to feel comfortable.

Let's "BFG" (The Great Friend Giant)

Not just about physical size, but your beauty, your general coolness, and even your English. I never see handsome and cool Western guys who will shake hands with small, cheerful Chinese girls, though I see them thin and Nerdy Western guys with them.

What does this mean to you?

Do you have to be shy, inviolable and nerdy to these girls? No, just try your natural confidence and realize that these girls react differently to Western girls who have long met. Be gentle, you pretend to be a little ashamed, or even a little cheesy. Nevertheless, do not be patronized, otherwise it will be creepy.

  1. Chinese are super-conservative
  2. Japanese are very open
  3. Be honest with your attitude
  4. Be very kind
  5. Level with him

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