EVA Foam Magnets – The Best Mattresses for Fitness

If you want to run a fitness kickboxing course combining aerobic and anaerobic activity with martial arts – you will consider the land on which you are standing. Since you will do a lot of bouncing moves and positions, it's important that on the surface where you can train, you can give and sell a bit to protect your knees, my ankles and your back. However, you do not want the surface to be too soft, which is actually more than good.

A great floor for fitness kickboxing is one of EVA foam puzzle mats as martial arts mattresses in many training centers. These carpets are interconnected so you can move them as you wish and create your own fitness map. For example, if you have enough space, you might run a small circle of red carpets. You can make kettlebell training on black carpets. What about coils and falls, up or squatting on blue rugs. Even more padding can be put up and moved when finished.

For example, the whole floor is covered with red carpets. Then there is a bunch of different color puzzles in the corner. We can do the things we need and make carpets on rugs when we separate the cushion or use separate simulation mats to isolate the training area.

What a great fitness and martial arts is not just a durable foam, but what I like is that you can wear shoes or practice fitness kickboxing classes without fearing to ruin your carpet. They are indeed multipurpose. You do not have to worry about jumping slippers or even reducing weights. Although you want to keep anything sharp from the foam carpets, it's easy to cut. However, this would not reduce their efficiency.

Another strategy we like to use is to cover the kickboxing area of ​​fitness in the full carpet area. This gives us the cushion, but also a cheap carpet that looks good and easy to change. Just choose the cheapest carpet you can get from your home store. Usually, we do this by allowing members to wear any shoes on the floor, otherwise they can drip the dirt into the foam sponge that is harder to clean.

If only with the shoes on the carpets, you do not need to use carpet coverings. Sometimes you may only change floor look.

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