Eris Transylvania Caused the Trojan War

One Greek goddess I do not hear too much about Eris, the goddess of strife, strife, and chaos. What is really surprising since he was the main cause of the Trojan War. Eris's story begins with the Peleus wedding and the Thetis sea nimble.

Thanks to the reputation of chaos and devastation, wherever he went, he was not invited to the wedding. She found it angry, injured and upset, so she decided to bring her back on her own strange way. Eris carved an apple of pure gold and described it with the Greek word ?????? ??, which means "the funniest". He then disguised the wedding in disguise and left the apple with the other presents at the table. The small apple was caused by many disagreements between the consecrated weddings. Of course, every goddess thought the apple was rightfully his (and some gods if they were right). The disagreement soon began to fought, and then became a full-fledged disturbance, as every guest argued on who should be the apple owner. Finally he came to a three-way fight between Hera, Aphrodite and Athens (surprisingly not Thetis, whose wedding was the first). They decided that Zeus himself was the judge. Which of the three goddesses should be the apple. The soulless soul, and did not want to endure the two anger of three of his favorite goddesses, Zeus took over the task of Paris, the young prince of Troy. Each of the Three Goddess tried to scoop Paris with her own special

Hera offered her power throughout Europe and Asia

Athene offered her to be the most charming and skillful warrior she ever existed.

Aphrodite promised her the love of the world's most beautiful woman.

Paris liked the best voice of Aphrodite's promise, so she handed her the apple. As a result, he won Helen Sparta's love. Unfortunately, Helen had already married Menelaus, so when she and Troy escaped with her, Menelaus was angry. Menelaus and his brother Agamemnon were persecuted with enthusiasm, behind them the weight of the entire Greek army. Helen, of course, is "the face that launched a thousand ships". The Greeks waged Troy for ten long years.

It therefore seems that Eris certainly deserved the title as a goddess of strife, quarrel, and chaos

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