Enjoy Sydney's Festivals, Art and Culture all year long

From spectacular New Year fireworks to the stunning harbor Sydney is one of the most attractive cities in the world And no wonder Sydney has long been a popular destination for travelers from Australia and beyond. You're happy to enjoy the warm weather at & # 39; When you are in the UK for a winter or if you want to be on a summer holiday, Sydney offers a variety of art, entertainment and sports events to suit every taste.

Australia's largest city, Sydney offers many cultural attractions. The most visited parts of the city are of course the most iconic attractions: the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. However, Sydney offers many other popular attractions that you should not miss when visiting the city. Sydney Tower, for example, the city's highest free-standing structure is 305 meters high and the observation deck offers visitors a stunning view of the city.

Furthermore, Sydney is a distinct artistic tradition; The best art companies in Australia come from many cities, including Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Theater Company. Sydney is also famous for its distinct homosexuality focusing on Oxford Street, and each year Sydney Melody and Lesbian Mardi Gras hosts.

It's true that Mardi Gras is just one of Sydney's numerous annual festivals. In January each year, the city retains the Sydney Festival, which began the largest and most popular cultural festival in Australia in 1976. Its annual program includes over 50 free events featuring a variety of genres: classical and contemporary music, drama, circus events and public performances. Approximately 1.5 million people are attracted annually, and the Sydney Festival truly seizes the spirit of Sydney to discover such a great city.

Sydney also hosts the Sydney Film Festival; In addition, since Fox Studios' opening in 1998, Sydney has become more and more popular on the cinema screen around the world. Famous movies in the city include the last two details of Mission Impossible II, The Matrix, Moulin Rouge and Star Wars franchise.

Travelers are hoping to see some history in Australia, while in Sydney they will not be disappointed with the diversity of city museums. The largest are the Australian Museum (the Natural Science and Anthropology Center), the Powerhouse Museum, which exhibits exhibitions on science, technology and design, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

If you live in Great Britain, you can be sure you will find a lot of flights to Sydney daily throughout the year. So, if you like the warm weather experience, "When wintering in the UK or simply pausing in the Emerald City during the summer break, you can always find the way to Travel to Sydney


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