Elements of a Strong Business Travel Program

In order to get the most out of your corporate travel budget, it's important that you plan everything you can to make the most of your business. Tell the passengers to select the lowest logical flight ticket. Here are the elements that must be taken into account when designing or evaluating a travel program

1. Travel Policy

Well written and disseminated travel policy is based on every good travel program , and I'm always surprised that so many companies have such obsolete and misguided travel policies if they have one. It is not difficult to find a well-written policy. One is easily accessible online. All we have to do to reflect corporate culture and spread it within the company so that everyone understands and accepts it. It is therefore a good idea for everyone to sign a copy of a travel policy to ensure that the reader reads, understands and owns all corporate staff. I suggest that all members of the company sign a copy of the travel policy, whether they travel or not. They may later change corporate positions and travel. Travel policy can not be long or complex. Some of the best travel policies I've ever seen were only a few pages long

. Centralized travel internally and externally

Many companies do not centralize their travel plans and pay for costs for reducing costs and reducing internal efficiency. Many companies that do not centralize the trip worry that travelers have to do something they do not want and the idea that travel centralization requires a Travel Manager. Both can be a legitimate question, but in most cases you do not have to. By letting passengers be centrally booked, they do not necessarily cause them to lose their flexibility. You can centralize your journey while still allowing travelers to take up their own, either with a travel agency or online choice from a service provider to which they have a partner and trusting them. By appointing a person responsible for overseeing your trip, you have acquired a contact point both internally and externally on travel matters. If your company spends less than $ 1 million on aviation, you probably do not need a full-time travel driver. In these cases, travel supervision can be provided by the financial department, the human resource, or even the executive assistant. Here is a look at the benefits of centralizing travel.

If you centralize a trip with a single agency, you can acquire a number of important ways. You can have a single point of contact against the problems while travelers are on the road and have an entity for all your travel needs. This eliminates the problem that travel reports come from multiple sources. If you are traveling together, you will gain a lot of economies of scale. If you can measure a full trip between different divisions or locations, you can get more money from suppliers. This will allow you to win more with the airline's soft dollar programs, which means more free tickets and upgrades, a higher percentage of our preferred airline and better negotiated rates for hotel and car contracts. Costs of performance will also be reduced as the travel agency often reduces remuneration for a higher travel volume

. A mixture of online booking and personal service

This is a complement to the previous item that requires centering a travel agent with a travel agent. This is important, but it is not necessary for passengers to use an on-line booking system and do not have to ask the travel agency directly. By offering the travelers you can reach more goals. You reduce performance costs as online booking is cheaper for service charges. By giving you passengers gives you a feeling of control, thus increasing morale and having a higher chance of high acceptance. Third, let the best practice in online booking engine use less complicated routes and allow direct booking of senior officers, frequent travelers, and complex routes with a travel agency that offers a higher level of service and a better overall travel experience where it is most appropriate.


While most of the travel program spans around the aviation budget, several other areas can be explored to find savings. There are also some obvious areas you should look for, such as negotiated hotel prices in your favorite hotels or car rental discounts with a favorite vendor. Often the travel agency is already at a discounted rate through syndicated memberships and brokerage car contracts. There are even less common areas to be investigated. For example, if land transport is a cause for concern, most suppliers offer a discount price and a direct billing option. Direct billing agreements with hotels and car rentals are also a great way to increase efficiency and facilitate the accounting department's work

. Use of Hard Dollar and Soft Dollar Contracts Most major airlines today offer tough dollar rebates and exchange soft-dollar incentives for company loyalty to their products. If your travel program exceeds one million dollars in air expense, you can make a discount on the lowest cost of the carrier for your commitment to market share. For secondary carriers, or if the ticket price does not reach the required minimum amount, you can enter the soft dollar programs with free tickets and free upgrades, as well as improving the traveler's status or airport flight service. These programs make the volume a bit unnecessary, but they are not very public, so you may have to hunt or ask Baker Travel or your current agency to point in the right direction. Do Not Ignore Hotel Volume

The hotel volume is sometimes ignored but not allowed. The negotiated rates can be provided through the travel agency or directly by the hotel properties you choose. Individual hotels near the corporate venues are negotiating a discount price for you with a minimum room / night commitment. With the use of a travel agency, you can expect discounts between 5% and 50% in thousands of hotels around the world.

7. At least one car hire agreement

Rental contracts are easy to enter and do little to make the company's commitment. Choose a partner that has airport locations and excellent customer service. You can save 5-10% very easily and every employee can often negotiate frequent membership of a tenant. This makes them more effective and moral. You can also enter direct billing agreements, but at the same time, work opportunities for travelers and accountants may be much less stressful.


Airlines and hotels give you a discount on prices and prices when it comes to groups that have traveled or met at a single destination from multiple places of origin. These meeting deals will have 2 to 10% flight discounts and if there are enough passengers on an airline, you will have the opportunity to negotiate the purchase of free tickets by completing the contract. The minimum requirement is usually 10 passengers, at the same time in the same place. Some airlines have a higher minimum, so be sure to ask them before the contract is concluded. Hotels drop their prices at a similar price for at least 10 nights. These discounts may vary from 10% to a much higher discount depending on utilization and seasonal deviations. Reporting Continues Improving Metrics

Well-managed travel programs require continuous audits and financial audits to properly use them. Insist on timely and customized reports that can be designed to give you the most information you need. Regular reporting on passenger behavior and on the performance of a service contract may lead to better compliance with contractual obligations, achieving cost reduction targets, and getting to know potential situations for future savings. "

10. Finally, all well-managed travel programs take into account the comfort and productivity of travelers Comfort and efficiency are enhanced by travelers' convenience when focusing on their most important priorities Ask if the travel agent can change the traveling status of a favorite airline. Take a look at buying airport flights so that they can be used strategically on long and complex routes. There are many ways to reward travelers for difficult and often tedious travel jobs – these rewards earn a sense of loyalty and greater productivity and efficiency

To learn more about how the company can make better use of z travel program to be beneficial to you, feel free to contact me. I'm glad to point you in the right direction.

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