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You should often hear these words, blogs or bloggers in one day. But how many of us know what a blogger is doing or what to do. Well, a blogger is a person who has his own blog and knows how to make money. Just go through any reputed search engine one day. And you will find that there are thousands of blogs on it. So, how will the blogger distinguish her blog from the rest? This is the catch!

If you want to be a blogger and you do not know the whole process, you can hang it up. Much is needed.
Find the right keywords
Content management
Add Google AdSense
Article / Blog Marketing
Traffic The following list makes it clear what the blogger needs to do:

We will now discuss each concept in detail:

Finding Your Blog: Blogger needs to understand what readers want. A prudent blogger should be aware of what will awaken the reader's interest. You need to find the right topic for the blog. For example, reviewing films, books, health topics, beauty items, etc.

Find relevant keywords: It is important to find the relevant keywords. Keywords are the real heroes that drive traffic to your site. Do not just write what you think. First, research on pay-per-click keywords on the market, then start writing the content. You can use the link below to find out the relevance of your keywords.

Content Management: Bloggers must write their own names or have good writers to write a blog. Records must be interesting and well-researched. Articles should not be too long or too short. Keywords must be used naturally in articles. You should not look at just traffic flowing traffic. The main motive for writing is knowledge sharing, this should not be killed.

Adding Google AdSense: What is Google AdSense? Well, this is an advertising program. Google.com displays various ads on your blog after it has been approved. To do so, you must add the AdSense page to your blog. Here the keywords are in the picture. Displayed ads are primarily related to keywords and content. Once you've done this, you'll need to enter your blog / site. And a good marketing strategy brings more traffic to your site, so you get clicks on AdSense ads. This results in some revenue. It works like this.

Blog Marketing: This is a very important part of the whole process. But it's boring. Marketing is a long and continuous process. There are many strategies for blog marketing. You can use to submit articles in different popular libraries. Also, you can leave back links to different websites and blogs. Participating in forum discussions is also a popular way to blog / site marketing. The more links you have on different websites, the more traffic you make.

Generate traffic: The above steps generate traffic for your blog. This will help you gain popularity and some AdSense earnings. If you successfully manage large traffic to your blog / site, you can get bids from sponsors other than AdSense.

So you can earn money. So, are you ready to be a blogger?

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