Doctor of Mengele's Assistant – Review of My Book

This book is something else I have to say first. It's not easy to read at all. This is the story of horror inside the Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. The texts written in the book are not humans at all, but this is just the terrible truth written by Dr. Miklós Mengele Nyiszli's assistant. In 1946, right after the war, the book was written and published. I believe this is a great thing to have the book written in the first place, even if it's an extreme story. Sometimes, reading this book, I wished it was fiction and not even close to the truth. This book is a raw uncovered story about the life of a Jewish doctors in the concentration camp.

The story begins in May 1944 when Miklos Nyiszli's physician and pathologist together with his wife and daughter are sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp. She tells the story of how she came to the camp and what was called Josef Mengele's assistant in the camp. He tells the story about how he was chosen, what he did and how he did it. He gives us the exact truth about how the science was killed.

The crude story without hype or fiction, only the brutal truth about the life in the camp. ] The doctor writes how he has separated from his loved ones. She tells about the darkest secrets in the camp and the industrial mass killings in the camp. He writes of fear and impressions of what is surrounded by him. Dr. Nyisli was a lucky man to get his job. He wore better clothes than the rest of the camp and was a great food compared to the regular prisoners. A huge problem with his situation was that all the people in the position of death died only three months before they were killed. Miklós Nyiszli went through the war until the end of the war and in 1947 witnessed the Germans. The Nurnberg Process

For all those who are interested in events in concentration camps during World War II, this is a book he must read. As I mentioned, it is not easy to read, but it is dark and raw truth. I recommend this book to everyone.

Source by Knut Ofstbo

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