Do you have a tiny little flaw in the bathroom?

Although there are many possibilities, the possibility of contamination of stored pests – in particular the presence of whitethroat – can not be ignored.

Blurry beetle and red flour beetle are very similar to appearance. The best way to differentiate between two is to examine antennas. The RFB antennas have three segments at the end, while the CFB antennas are gradually expanding to the top and ending in a four-segment club. The difference between the other two is that the RFB (primarily in the southern states) is a strong fly, while the CFB (primarily the northern pest) does not fly. As adults, both beetles are shiny, reddish brown, about 1/8 inches long, flat and oval. They have a very wide range of foods, including flour, rice, grain, grain, spices, grain, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, beans and other similar substances.

Flour beetle is between 1 and 3.5 years old. They have four life cycle phases, which include eggs, larvae, pupae and adults. It is important to note that all four stages of the life cycle are simultaneously found in infected cereal products.

When the two species of female beets have their small white eggs in flour or other food stuffs. Eggs coated with sticky secretion are covered by the product and easily accommodate the sides of bags, boxes and other containers. In the larval state, both species are small, slender and Wormlike. The larva is wholly grown 3/16 inches long and white in yellow color.

Because turbid flour and red flour beetles turn a little pupa, gradually from white to yellow, then brown. So soon after they have identified the pest, the next question is:

Why is a pest Which, instead of my kitchen, Flour, rice and other cereal products in my bathroom?

The answer to this question is very simple: there is a food source in the bathroom

To remove the problem of pests, you must remove the food. It thoroughly examines the size of rodents, septic system treatments (powders or flakes), hidden pet foods, rice paddocks, prescription drugs, and so on. This can be a frustrating task, but with little persistence, you must be able to find the source of the problem.

Happy Hunting!

Source by Steven Daniel Jackson

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