Diving in Krabi

With divers and leopard sharks, turtles, dolphins and countless colorful tropical fish, sailors who are lucky enough to discover the spectacular Krabi waters. When to Plan a Diving Vacation in Krabi

Krabi is the best time to dive between November and April when conditions are in absolute best shape. Theoretically, you can dive all year long, though from May to October monks can do bad status and visibility. If you plan a dive this season, consider the Bay of Thailand where the weather is better.

Learn To Dive In Krabi

There are more than 40 diving schools in Krabi, both suitable for divers and beginners. Low cost and shallow waters make Krabi a great place to learn – some Krabi hotels and resorts also offer test dives in the pool! If you try and get a diving bug, you can follow a full four-day PADI Open Water Diver course. This allows you to dive with open water from an experienced diving master.

Where To Dive

If you are near Ao Nang, then the rich and beautiful waters of the seven main islands around Koh Poda. These islands are located in the breathtaking Hat Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi Marine National Park. The waters around the Koh Ha have more than 60 kinds of corals that contain many shrimp and crab. Often, barracudic schools, squid and leopard sharks can be quietly admired.

Koh's offers superb forest snorkeling with a shallow coral filled with water. The water here provides excellent views, so you can enjoy the perfect view of snapper, hippie, seahorses, scorpion fish and occasionally the notoriously timid black-tip reef shark.

Koh Yeadon is famous for its long "floating" but is only recommended for experienced divers due to limited visibility and strong flow. Since there are fewer divers in this area, schools of large fish will be discovered, including bait. In addition, you can observe the exotic appearance of other colorful marine creatures, such as lobster and stinging rays.

Koh Dor is the perfect place to dive or dive, especially in the afternoon when the black-tipped reindeer shark is often a crossing look. The waters are full of wonderful corals and sponges.

Koh Talu is ideal for beginners and experienced divers. Here you can dive in large barracuda and mantis shrimp and discover the spectacular coral. The waters around the island of G.K contain a huge coral reef surrounded by many sea hips. You may encounter fusiliers and even a random sea snake dive here.

Koh Yawasam is the perfect place to view rare anemone fish. Koh Yawasam boasts vast expanses of coral sandy sandy beaches and deep water making it an ideal place to learn.

Ao Nang is also close to Koh Dam, actually two incredible islands joined by an interesting coral reef to provide a wonderful dive experience.

Another great place to dive in Krabi is Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – more experienced divers can discover dramatic rock formations and spot whales and manta rays.

The Koh Rok Nok are two completely impressive islands that are located in a protected marine park – the waters are rich and abundant in the sea life and exhibit outstanding visibility

The picture is perfect for Phi Phi islands , made famous by "The Beach", offers a variety of premium diving and snorkeling locations that can be taken over for a whole vacation.

A convenient and exciting way to explore islands and dive sites is to book a package trip that includes fast-food, and usually lunch and refreshments.

Where to Stay

A great choice of hostels in Budapest, ideal for backpackers and a wide range of hotels in Krabi. If you want luxury accommodation, the fabulous Krabi resorts will not disappoint you.

Hiring a Thai holiday home is an excellent option for those planning a dive vacation with a large group. Krabi holiday homes are usually more space and economical than a hotel or resort. If you want a real recreation after the physical challenges of scuba diving, choose a dwelling. They provide all the hotel's regular services such as room cleaning, hospitality, massage and beauty treatments as well as excursion and dive trips. Finally, before you go to enjoy the world-famous diving in Krabi, do not forget to check whether travel insurance covers Thai holidays for diving and snorkeling!

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