Disneyland tour ends your vacation in the magical kingdom

Disneyland vacation is truly a magical experience for all members of the family, but many people seem to forget a part of Magic Kingdom's visit to visit the more special: a Disneyland Tour.

There are four different tours to choose from, but you must have a valid Disneyland ticket if you want to go there. It's also important to book a reservation because it's popular and fast loading.

The most popular of the tours is Disneyland's Discover the Magic Tour. This tour is the most interactive for every family member, as each of us has a chance to engage in a treasure hunt in the footsteps of Disney characters. Not only do you fill your favorite characters, but you have to get out of Disney's bad guys and find the treasure before they do it. This is a truly memorable experience that includes lunch and a gift that is only for those who take this tour.

Discover the Magic Tour features two types of tickets, It takes three hours. The first two tickets cost $ 49 for a further $ 39. This tour is also suitable for 5 year olds and adults with their parents.

Disney also offers a VIP tour designed for adults. This is rather a tour for those who are interested in the history of the Disneyland entertainment parks, which many children may find quite boring. This tour should be well maintained before visiting the park and $ 75 per hour for ten-person groups.

If you make a first trip to the Magic Kingdom, consider the Welcome to Disneyland Tour. This tour will teach you everything you need to get the most out of your Disney experience. Get the number one spot on one of the many stage shows, the crowded history park and one of the parks, many restaurants, two bonus FastPass tickets, and instructions for use and many other delicacies that will be your first Disney holiday to remember. This is the cheapest tour for $ 25 per person and it takes about two and a half hours.

The last tour to consider is the Walt's Footsteps walk, which brings the vision that Walt Disney has looked at their theme parks. This tour is more suitable for older children and adults who are interested not only in Walt's legacy, but also in the history and trivia surrounding the park. This is also a chance to look at the exclusive Club 33. The cost of $ 49 participating and reflecting more than 3 hours this is a really unique look at Disneyland.

The Disneyland tour is so enjoyable for your holiday. It's worth trying to ask one of the tours when planning your vacation because you never know what you can see or learn in the Magic Kingdom behind the scenes.

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