Discover Trang Region in Thailand

Thailand is a place where you can enjoy beaches, islands and friends. The main attraction of tourists is the Bountiful table, as we all know that Thailand is the land of wonderful cuisine, so tourists who like food will never miss the opportunity to taste a variety of cuisine in Thailand.

Something for any traveler who is now in love with nature and want to spend some time in a populated and polluted city wants to come to Thailand. The countryside tropical forests, rice fields and agricultural beauty attract the people who want to get in touch with nature.

The holy places of Thailand are at the top of the list when the spiritual journey. This Buddhist nation has so many beautiful temples that are very popular and are very popular among tourists due to their beauty and tranquility. Not only food, nature and temples, but also beaches are very popular. Diving from Ko Tao and scuba diving on Ko Lipe Surfing so much to do on the beach.

Thailand's popularity is because the opportunities this area offers to all tourists. We have written a lot about Thailand and now it is time to get to know the Trang region in Thailand. There are so many things that no traveler wanted to miss, so go down to find out what to look for in Trang. Tham Le Khao Kop -ragonai Cave

This is a very interesting domestic cave. You can only visit this cave through the underwater channel. There are so many ships and crew to take you to the canal and look at the cave. Any idea you came from the word Cave is what you will experience and see. We would only suggest that it is not claustrophobia.


If you need a break from materialism and all history, do not find out Trang has a very rejuvenating place for you. These waterfalls, Namtok Ton Te and Namtok Ton Tok are two stunning waterfalls that will make you feel relaxed and reduce the tiredness of your trip. You can swim freely and your body becomes painful and rejuvenated.

Trang Night Market

This is the perfect market for food lovers. You will find a variety of food supply and kitchens such as scented Thai curry, fried chicken and much more than this. There are varieties of seafood that you should try for sure when you are in Trang. Even street food should be tasted and enjoy all sorts of authentic Thai cuisine.

Chinese temples

If you want to see the Chinese churches beauty just a walk away. Do not imagine Thai temples and Chinese temples as they differ. Here is the dragon that adorns the temples and makes it more spectacular. When traveling to Trang, you must be on the bucket list.

Some interesting things you can do in Trang and can do a memorable job. So if you are in Thailand, do not forget to catch some time and visit the Trang region. Now you will wonder where you can get your holiday package and add this beautiful city on the route and search online and offer endless opportunities for the full satisfaction of your booking and your budget.

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