Diabetes is bad for sex

Diabetes is bad for sex, because if it is poorly controlled, it does not only complicate the normal functioning of the body, but can also have a devastating effect on sexual life. Sexual consequences are serious if the situation is not quickly arrested. Vaginal dryness can be a consequence of other factors, but diabetes can greatly contribute to vaginal dryness. This causes many troubles to both partners during sexual intercourse. Vaginal dryness can cause sexual intercourse to be a painful situation called neuropathy. You may be scared of sexual encounters by your partner, the pain of fear. Although the counter can be solved with lubricant, check with your doctor to save your sex life.

The adverse effect of diabetic nerve endings greatly affects the genital area. The genital area gives the body sexual satisfaction, and if concerned, it clearly implies that diabetes is bad for sex. This can contribute to the stress of both partners, since sexual satisfaction is just imagination or fantasy. This is because skin sensitivities around the genitals are alleviated or disappeared. This makes it very difficult for a woman to reach orgasm. It also affects a person because she thinks she is missing a sexual act. He emphasizes that he can not feel anything during sexual intercourse. She felt pressured to orgasm, but in vain. The couple is in an uncomfortable position. The situation may cause a deadly ringtone in a couple of sexual relationships.

Diabetes can change a person's sexual life by causing erectile dysfunction. This is a deadly blow to man's sexual life, as this means that he can not reach the necessary control that would allow sexual invasion. The soft or soft penis can not penetrate a woman. You need a tough and rigid penis to successfully enter the vagina during sexual intercourse. However, blood glucose levels inhibit the normal functioning of the body mechanisms. Nerve signals are sent out of the brain to the penis, which causes blood flow to the penis. It fills many blood clots with blood, which results in stiffening the penis. With the sunset of diabetes, it is always difficult for the body to achieve such a natural function. Diabetes is bad for sex, so regular monitoring is recommended.

Poorly controlled diabetes can significantly reduce testosterone levels in one person. It's a male sex hormone responsible for an agile sexual drive. Decreasing or decreasing important hormone levels has reduced the person's sexual drive as diabetes is bad for sex. One person may lose interest. Sex is a form of exercise in a person suffering from diabetes that can cause blood glucose levels or highs or drops. The lack of balance and stability in the blood glucose level always has far-reaching consequences for the individual's sexual life. Diabetes may have other illnesses. Both males and females are sensitive to yeast infection. This occurs when the blood glucose level is not properly treated. Yeast inflammation causes pain during menstruation for men as well as sexual sexual pain for both men and women.

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