Diabetes in Astrology

Diabetes is a metabolic disturbance of the pancreas of the endocrine gland. Slightly consumed, the pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin to break down the sugar into glucose, which is the most important source of energy. The diabetic pancreas produces little insulin or insulin, so unnecessary glucose builds up blood that overflows into the urine. In this way, the body loses its main source of energy and then weakens.

In astrology, careful observation of the horoscope can estimate the tendency of the disease to diabetes.

The General Structure and Strength of the Physical Body

  • Venus: regulates kidney, urination
  • Hold: regulates pancreas and blood flow, urinary tract disorders
  • Jupiter: arteries, blood vessels, degeneration, diabetes
  • Sign of Cancer: regulates your pancreas, blood
  • Signal Balance: regulates kidneys and excretory system
  • Sign Sagittarius: Arterial System
  • House 6: House of Disease
  • Diabetic planetary combinations are as follows: ]

    • Venus Sun Signed in Marvelous Signs
    • Venus and Jupiter are painful and a malicious planet is placed in the 8th house with diabetes.
    • Malefic Venus Ascending / Unfair Housing
    • Venus and Jupiter are malignant, and malice is located in the ascendent.
    • Venus combined with a weakness in the 8th house and a suspect.
    • Ascendant is plagued by malice, and his master has depression / inoculation with the malefic / inimic sign and in place / aspect of Venus, 8th place causes diabetes.
    • Venus is placed in the second house, the ascending catastrophe and ascending ruler, placed in the sixth house, is in debilitating state.
    • Hold:

      • Moon Strikes in the Sun / Mars Wet Sign
      • Moon suffers Saturn
      • Hold in a watertight sign and it's marking in House 6 again visited a watery sign on planet indicating diabetes
      • Water in a waterfall and the flag of the flag will go to House 6, and according to Mercury [which is placed in watery sign].
      • Jupiter:

        • Saturn seriously disrupts Jupiter.
        • Placement of Jupiter in Purvashadha Constellation
        • Jupiter is located in the Rahu constellation and has been abused.

      Applying Cancer / Libra / House 7:

      • Two or more malicious planets in House 7 or Under Libra.
      • 6th / 8th House:

      • in House 8 or vice versa [
      • Two or more malicious planets placed in housing 6
      • Rahu combines diabetes into the native with the companion of the eighth house of the eighth house.
      • The very evil evil planet in the Eighth House and Jupiter and Venus severely shook the diabetes.
      • The masters of chapters 4 and 7 are housed in house 6/8.
      • 6th and 7th centuries, along with the yard of House 12, and Saturn designates diabetes.
      • General:


        • Two or more malicious planets placed in waterfalls
        • The 4th and 7th princes were innocent, and according to the evil doctrine
        • The Third Princess, Mercury and Mars's Emerging Marker Indicates Diabetes
        • Mercury that has been identified by Jupiter [Sagittarius and Pisces] and is investigated by Mars can cause diabetes



        Source by Geeta Jha

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