Dani Johnson's Honest, Critical Investigation

Dani Johnson, who started his career as a homeless homemaker in the Network Marketing industry with $ 2.03 in his name. For the first few hours, he started winning thousands of dollars with his new business. It has made over $ 250,000 for its first year and over $ 1,000,000 for its second year, so it has become the # 1 international manufacturer in its company.

Since then he founded Call To Freedom International, (anyone who can afford to listen to what we will see), the success principles.

That depends. You probably visited Dani's site and saw the fascinating collection of people living in all areas of life. Your website has abundant more than 10,000 unique experiences boasting people around the world. Pretty impressive, at least the least.

My personal experiences with Dani Johnson are not as inspirational. First I advised Dani's teaching when I was in Fairbanks, Alaska. At that time, I lived in my life for the first time in my company's substantial revenue, and I worked only 2 hours a day for about $ 4000 a month. My body grew by 30-40% over a month, and I really enjoyed the process.

I found Dani's teachings and I really thought he was going to the next level of success and will help my team to experience the success they are looking for. I bought each and every workout on my website (fairly good money, but worth investing or thought) …

I've been collecting all my team and a huge chatter pack was full of people listening to "Prospect and Approaching their way to the millions ". They all burned. (Dani may be quite convincing). I personally invested 3 to 4 hours a day watching Dani's work, thinking I finally found the "Golden Key".

What was the result?

this month, and recruitment has almost stopped. The funny thing was that nothing had changed at the company and we were more excited than ever. What did we do?

Instead of denying Dani Johnson as a bad habit (as we should), we told Danni that he had to go to a seminar, so a lot of people flew from Alaska to Los Angeles and known as "First Steps to Success" . I personally spent over $ 1,500 on flights, accommodations, and outrageous tickets, and among my group I think the price we paid was about $ 15,000. This month, my income fell further by $ 1,000. Being convinced that I need to invest in my skills, I went to Dani "Creating the Dynasty," and bought the "Prospecting and Closing" classes and spent two months spending over $ 2,500. My earnings came from $ 2000 to less than $ 1,000 and then dropped to $ 400 before I did what I would have done, and this fashion teaching is like a bad habit and they do what's proven to work.

So is Dani Johnson a scam or what?

Although there are many who claim to benefit from their teachings, I certainly do not belong to them. 1000 hours of silence, more than 5,000 executives, and more than 5,000 dollars in hard cash in the United States, and training courses that have completely destroyed my business. When I called and asked for a refund (politely), they were dismissed. I'm sure I have a scam.

However, the good news when I learned about Attraction Marketing is that my business explodes faster than before and now I'm taking more people I can imagine or imagine …

If you are investing a lot of money on Dani Johnson's material, remember that if you sponsor a distributor, you have the responsibility to succeed as quickly as possible and that most do not matter (and you do not want to) fly around the country paying your child's dormitory savings, to learn something that only works for sales superheroes. All good, legitimate MLM organizations need to provide free training to people, with the agreement that if you benefit, it is beneficial.

If you want to spend $ 25,000 a year on training, you will need to spend your money, learn from Dani Johnson. If you want to benefit from wealth, learn Attraction Marketing. Your choice.


and the blessing of God

Source by David Michael Wood

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