Cycling in Bangkok Thailand, Asia

Can you ride a bike in Bangkok? The answer is surprising, yes. There are also some bike paths in some areas. In areas such as Banglamphu near the famous Khaosan Road, there are painted bicycle lanes on the roadside, which are quite easy to follow and means they are still lost, but there are problems. Most bicycle lanes are parked with cars that can lead to future traffic, so the best thing to do is to walk carefully on footways to make it safer.

Main Roads. Main roads can always be busy and dangerous for cyclists, but they will often see locals cycling sausages or lottery tickets, and so on. When traveling on the big roads, try to keep on the left and always remember the rule and # 39; the greatest right of use.

Where are the best places to ride in Bangkok? Many Bangkoks can cycle in the park. One of the largest and most beautiful parks in Phutamonton Sai 3, on quiet roads with lakes and wildlife, is a 7km mountain bike trail.

More good trips on the spot: local sois (lanes), these sites are generally quiet and have little traffic and can follow narrow roads and clans (canals). They will often see small shops to buy refreshments if needed. You were almost wrong in another city in a few words. The noise of traffic is lost and the trees and local Thai houses provide a good landscape view.

There are also tour companies that can travel on short trips. These trips pass through the bridges, on the local road and by avoiding the main roads. There are a few nights, some combined with long tail shipping. For more information, see .

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