Critical WorldVentures Review – Do not Join Before I've Read This!

WorldVentures is a privately owned, travel-based network marketing company. The company started operations in December 2005 in Texas, Plano. In 2009, WorldVentures acquired a successful university, another network marketing company that sells online courses. Currently, WorldVentures operates in 11 countries – USA, UK, South Africa, Cyprus and Israel (only a few mention). In this article, I give you an objective and critical overview of the WorldVentures business opportunity, briefly highlight your products and payment plans, and give you some benefits and arousal that I see with your model. By the way, I would like to reveal that I AM NOT a WorldVentures representative.

First, go over to two of their products

1. The first product that was launched on the Leisure Travel Consultant package or the LTC. Now what is the LTC package? As a WorldVentures rep, you give someone the chance to be on their own travel booking website. They can book their own travel, or they can get the people who know they are moving their own trip on their own. As travel takes place on their website, they are looking for a small commission.

2. The second product is a flagship, Dream Trips Membership. As a WorldVentures rep, you can sell memberships and make small commissions for the sale of each membership. What exactly is Dream Trips membership? In a nutshell, customers buy into a "travel club", enabling them to take advantage of tens of thousands of buyers, enabling them to travel at a discounted wholesale price.

Now skip WorldVentures Payments

WorldVentures can be paid in several ways. Remember, you can decide to pay for a little … or much. All this depends on your efforts and goals. In this part of the article, I only explain the compensation plan.

Here is a simplified explanation of the compensation plan:

1. Direct commissions – You can search for $ 20 for any new sales you personally make. This can be Dreamtrips membership sales, leisure travel consultant package sales or both (2-for-1 combination). You can create an unlimited amount of sales and therefore create an unlimited $ 20 commissions

. Personal Sales Bonus – At the top of direct commissions, you can also earn a personal sales bonus for each 6-person sales. You can earn this bonus as many times as you like. This personal sales bonus is $ 250 in cash and $ 100 in dollars. A training dollar can be used for any training that the company has launched. Again, I would like to point out that you can win this bonus again and again and this is at the top of the direct commissions you would have liked for the 6 sales that made it possible for you to get a personal sales bonus.

3. Weekly Team Building Bonuses (Cycles) – With WorldVentures only 2 teams must be built: a good time and a left team. When you build the two teams, the sale will take place. Now, every time 3 sales have been made to the left team and 3 sold to the right team, they get $ 100 bonus. Do not forget that anyone can sell it to anyone … In other words, if you have 3 sales anywhere in your left team and have made 3 sales anywhere at your best team, then the bonus will be released. Here is an important breakthrough for Cycle Bonuses: The company pays you $ 200 bicycle bonus each cycle for the first 60 days. After the first 60 days, you can continue this $ 200 bonus if you ride bicycles at least three times a week

. Partial Income – In every 6th cycle you earn $ 20-40 as passive, re-earned revenue. Keep in mind that while you continue to cycle, your remaining income will continue to grow. This is a very important aspect to think about if you want to become financially independent. How would your monthly residual income match your monthly cost? Over time, this may happen and you do not have to worry about your monthly bills.

5. Travel Dollar – As the remaining income payment, every 6th cycle, you can also earn $ 100 Travel dollars. These "dollars" can be changed during the Rovia (air, car, hotel and cruise) travel. This is a fantastic opportunity, as you can literally travel for free (as you simply buy your travel dollars during your trip) and anyone who is inside your family can choose them.

6. Lifestyle Bonuses – As you advertise yourself through the WorldVentures Compensation Plan, there are some very lucrative lifestyle bonuses you can earn. For example, after reaching the position of regional marketing director, the company will give you a $ 1,000 Dream Car bonus, which can be paid monthly for the car you choose. And once you've reached the position of the International Marketing Director, you will receive $ 1,500 Dream Car Bonus a month and a $ 3,000 Dream House Bonus that you pay to your home. This is a very lucrative feature, as the two biggest costs of the average family are the payment of the car and the payment of the mortgage. These bonuses each year exceed $ 50,000 … which is at the top of the compensation plan's real income.

WorldVentures can also provide recognition and reward people for their hard work. For example, if you earn $ 100,000 a year, WorldVentures rewards you with a $ 100,000 ring (the Superbowl ring version). Finally, you may be eligible to place your position above the executive position when you hit the IMD.

So we can see that the damages plan is good enough and can provide good income easily People save money for travel and / or helping others in the company. So I said let me enter my 2 pros and 2 disadvantages from the point of view.

First, the Pros:

1. Timing – WorldVentures is ahead of three thriving trends: the $ 8 billion travel industry, Baby Boomers and Network Marketing Industry. In addition, the WorldVentures itself is very young and there is plenty of room for growth and expansion.

2. Sizzle Product – As a rep, you will have the luxury to sell a product that almost everyone loves or wants to do – VACATION! It's easy, fun and exciting to talk about. And if you can help them save money on their vacation or help people earn money on their own trip, then this is a profitable situation.

1. Fracture Compensation Model (Binary) – Comp Plan has many features that are designed to NOT pay for or deserve it. For example, the payment plan runs on a binary model that pays two feet. ALL binary, have a strong leg (force leg) and a weaker leg (pay foot). Think of it for a moment. Suppose you know some guy you pick up in your business. Now, let's say he's going to be the superstar of the company and he'll blow up in his store when a team builds thousands of representatives. You have a chance on your strong leg (force leg). Well, you pay to pay him and his troops. But wait! Was not you who contacted and picked him up? Was not he who helped him build the team in the early stages? Did not the company still deliver thousands of dollars a month to the team you built? Why do not you pay for any revenue the superstar is responsible for? Because you are in your strong feet (force the foot). This is CRITICAL if we take into account the WorldVentures Opportunity. At a certain point in time you will not pay for your best man (assuming they are in your power)

(By the way, this does not mean that every binary is bad, some companies run on a Binary model but contain components in their complex design It will make you profit from the BOTH legs.)

2. Breakage In The WorldVentures Compensation Plan – WorldVentures has a lot of breaks in its complete plan. For example, a GREAT area where a complex plan breaks is the fact that you are not entitled to paid remittances while you are not a director (meaning that at least 90 active repeats at both the right and left legs are well , I guarantee to you that hundreds and hundreds of repetitive non-directors, but have built decent troops who do not receive paid remittances (but the company still introduces the monthly income)


WorldVentures is a legitimate business opportunity, but it's important to first conduct the research and identify that opportunity you are looking for. A leading edge of a young company and boost momentum when the company is thriving can be WorldVentures But if the EGYPTIAN DEMOLE is both an interesting remnant of construction and an equal acquisition of the WHOLE team, then WorldVentures Ne legy Not for you.

Source by Jaime Soriano

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