Critical Thinking: How does the "MeToo" movement show "privileged" women?

Shortly after claims about Harvey Weinstein, "#MeToo" has been rotten virus in social media. This gave people the opportunity to talk about sexual harassment and harassment that they experienced at the workplace.

The Beginning

It was said that the original purpose of this hash is to "empower women with empathy, especially young and vulnerable brown and black women's experiences," and behind the person Tarana Burke volt. Subsequently, Alyssa Milano supported this term and used its encouraging men when they experienced sexual harassment and assault. This was seen as a way to find out how widespread this is today. However, since more and more people from all over the world have used this term, their meaning has been gradually changed.

But by doing this, it is clear that this hashtag has given so many people a voice that was obviously not yet. And when somebody has been violated by another human being, that's exactly what is needed.

Their security sense is fragmented, and this will be vital to hearing them. This allows them to feel recognized and authenticated, and then something that has happened can happen.

It can be two parts

First, for the man or those who have harmed them, and on the other hand there may be mental and emotional support that somebody needs. For example, if someone has been raped, there may be a need for therapy. And it does not matter if this has happened years ago, as their minds and their bodies are still traumatized. If that is the case, they can challenge them to manage their daily lives.

There is not much need to include a hashtag in social media, and there is a chance that they will become even more vulnerable if they tell others what happened to them. Then it will be indispensable for them to find a therapist or healer with whom we can work together, someone who understands what they are doing and who can guide these processes.

has a great impact on them and will not be possible as before. They did not deserve to be treated in this way, nor deserved to suffer.

The problem of having this hashtag changed has meant that it was accidentally used. So instead of being an adult or a sexually abused person, for example, as an adult, he might have touched his leg or suffered sex that was not overly satisfied.

does not trivialises the occasions when someone really suffered. If something like this happens, the person using this hashtag has a clearly different motive for someone who actually suffered.

If someone touched his leg or shoulder touched it, is it really the same as violent or sexual abuse with a child? Or have sex, and then sorry? 19459002

This is something left behind by many feminists, as this is another way to guide and demonize all people. These are the women who like to talk about being "privileged" to all people, while having their full "privilege". In their eyes, every man is a bad man and / or a murderer and women are oppressed victims who do not have any agents. On this basis, men are grown up, but women are dependent children who need protection. After that, women are not responsible for their own lives, and if that is the case then people blame themselves. Women are like angels who can not do anything wrong.

Therefore, if you are accused of harassment or sexual misconduct, you will be guilty until proven innocent. The fact that a woman said that this was the only thing that mattered.

With a charge, whether it is true or not, the reputation and livelihood of man can be completely destroyed. Would this happen if men had all their powers or lived in a "patriarchy" and women "suppressed"? One big illusion

is that the fact that these feminists have spent so much time that men are considered a "privilege" is to hide the privilege. Then they accuse the opposite sex of being they – or they do not know, or are extremely cunning. I just want to make my own agenda. The only information and experience I care about is what supports what they believe. Men are not infallible, and I believe in or not, women are the same; not everything that comes out of his mouth. Just as men can be eye catchers, women can be the same.

Taking this into account, it is obvious that you can not believe that one should be guilty of a woman accusing him of doing something wrong. And if it is difficult for someone to accept it, one must think of how crazy it would be to believe in everything that came from a man's mouth.


It's easy to attack men in today's world and smuggle the same brush, but it shares men and women. Perhaps the feminists behind them find many conflicts and want to make the world in their own image. Then you will not be completely satisfied until all men and women are as pitiful as they are. Fortunately, a truly authorized woman – a woman who does not perceive her as a victim – will not care about anything in this world

Source by Oliver JR Cooper

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