Conquest of Mau Tauhara Taupo

Last week I finally tried to climb the iconic Mt Tauhara, a resting layer that looks at Taupo. One such walk I often hear with others, but always fascinated by the stunning Taupo Lake, and everything that can be done there on a nice day. This time it was not the height of the summer, and another wonderful, sunny day at the lake, I thought it was a perfect day for the bush.

Mt Tauhara, less than a 10-minute drive from Taupo city center, so you can get a cheap taxi for those who do not travel or ask the hotel provider how to get there. At the end of the mountain trail, there is a car park that comes down from State Highway 5 and from there follow the uphill signs. At this point, it should be noted that the whole track is on private land, so we respect the privileges of the signatory states.

The first part of the walk is on a rather steep ridge and has already begun to appreciate the views that this walk gives you. In the past, we transport some water tanks and finally get to the bush and the real trek begins. I have to admit that this first part of the walk is steep and is sometimes under slippery ground. The temperature changes even when you get to the bushline and leave a few degrees from the parking temperature. But when it comes to sitting, you'll see the fantastic view of the mountain again.

The seat is halfway and the walk is easier, but it was still up. What I loved most about this part of the course was the bush cover, typical New Zealand native trees, and the undergrowth uniquely felt like kiwi.

After we reached the stream, the area became even more spectacular. Finally, we had to hear the wonderful bird world in all their glory, tuis, pigeon, piwakawaka, wax grains and so on. This is approx. Two-thirds rose up and worth the effort. The landscape here has changed, the moss-covered trees have risen to us like the Lord of the Rings.

And wow what a spectacle greeted us at the top. At an altitude of 1008 meters, the most beautiful views of the central northern island were. Mt Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe swept away his snow and looked spectacularly behind Lake Taupo, which is the sight that could not be seen without a cloud. Looking around, we saw that the White Island was as clear as anything, and that Rotorua was left buried under a soft white cloud. It's hard not to use all the cliches for this view, breathtaking, awesome, really fantastic. We spent a long time, slowly turning around.

As we were warned, the temperature was cool on the top of the mountain and I could see why snow often rises in winter. We walked on a rocky epidemic that was about 5 minutes on a narrow path, and here are some fantastic shots of the rocks. A special helicopter pilot also got the special flight that made some tricks around the mountain.

After almost 45 minutes we finally started off the track, this time the pace was twice the speed on the steep slope. Some of the tired looking tourists have passed and encouraged them to continue. It really requires the right level of fitness to conquer this mountain and wear the right clothes and shoes for wet bushes, muddy trails and a cold explosion on top. After a clear day, noticeable changes occurred on the walk, and the track became very slippery after long wet periods.

We began to notice our knee joint halfway and reminded us once more of how steep the track was. By the time we get to the spine, my feet felt like a jelly, and I'm glad we were close to the parking lot. But I was glad that I finally made the effort. This is a fantastic alternative to Tongariro Crossing and another fascinating New Zealand sunny walk. I'm definitely not going to leave until my next climb, and I'll bring even more friends and families!

Source by Wendy O'Callaghan

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