Conflict in Schools – Leaders and Teachers

When you hear about conflicts in schools, I mean the conflict between the principal and the students or parents. The conflict between the boss and the teachers is often unclear. Without the right conflict resolution, the result is that it becomes a very uncomfortable place in the staff room. The reasons for the conflict between leaders and teachers

And the Principal for various reasons,

  • By closing the school and tightening the system, new staff move to a school that often disagrees with the way the principal works.
  • Older staff are challenging a young boss.
  • Employees transferred from other schools can be disgusting.

New programs in schools often cause a lot of tension, as teachers with 20 or more years of experience do not fit well in the change. They are often reluctant to start teaching other ways.

Some examples of this:

  • Full-language programs
  • Resource Based Learning
  • Teaching as expected and not covering a special textbook from the cover to the cover
  • Top down problems …

    When a principal is used to operate the school in a way the school board leases a new supervisor, things are likely to change. The superintendent puts pressure on the boss to change things in school. These changes cause conflicts between teachers who are unwilling to change. The result may be that school administration officials enter the school to try to solve the problems. It only causes more conflicts.

    School conflicts often result in mistrust of the system, teachers are blamed by the teacher, and vice versa. Team building is the first step to resolving the conflict. It is essential that the focus of the school be the ultimate goal of education. Determine your strengths and needs and develop a trust of a new aura with effective and effective communication between staff members

    Source by Kelly Graves

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