Clubs and Associations in Algorfa

3A Edad

This is one of the largest associations and retirement clubs with various activities such as dance, sewing classes, hair dressing, eating, party games and cards, but daily excursions and weekends are the most popular for both members of the association, both in Spanish and English. The annual subscription means simply that it belongs to this group; the association is led by a committee assisted by the local council, at this moment we are looking forward to opening the new 3ª building, which hopefully will be in November, if not earlier, the new building is in square form in the village and conformed to the most modern requirements

Women's Association

This is a club originally hosted by housewives and women with domestic violence, although the club's 24-hour support and escape for women nowadays mostly women enjoy life away her husband and children, the club has many members, both young and old, and offers a variety of activities for all ages, twice a year in the association there is an evening where about 200 women eat and drink a private club entertainment and discos. Most mothers are members of this entertaining love.

Music Association

This association is one of the talented musicians or singers, or who just want to learn the young or old music I am very happy to hear. Algorfa band plays in Algorfa fiestas and Cecilia choir is very popular. Private classes are also available and staged at the Council's new cultural center next to the infant school.

Football Association

Most of the members are fathers and boys, there are many different football teams at age 6 and up. Here, there are two playgrounds, changing rooms and a snack bar in Algorfa, members or non-members are always very eager to receive this association funded by the Council and racing in various tournaments, which is the weekend for the whole family. enjoy. Soon the Algorfa Council installed an Astroturf track.

Dance is the most popular among young people and a small amount of EUR 10 per month if a child of 3 years of age or older can dance twice a week and participate in all of the Village Festivals. The kids are taught by a local dance teacher and they are again led by the dance council.

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