Choose decorative elements wisely

It's really exciting practice to buy the right type of curiosity and decorative / decorative pieces to beautify your home. However, just raising something and everything that captures your imagination can lead to unhappy or even catastrophic outcomes. Some elements are unfavorable and destroy the harmony of the domestic scene. Therefore, consider carefully before you buy your home decor items.

Far from the Thorns

Yes, spiky plants, especially the cacti, look gorgeous. However, Vastu shastra disagrees with his emotions. The thorn-like obstacles are similar to domestic harmony. Apart from destroying positive thinking within the household, they may also cause a bad state. Do not keep these plants in your home (veranda) or outside (in the garden).

True, even the Taj Mahal replica is glorious here. But do not be fooled by the symbol of love. In reality, this is the tomb of the Mumtaz Mahal. Displaying such shows will lead to the ultimate negative atmosphere in your house. The weeping reminds us of passivity and death.

Avoid Some Images, Statues and Paintings

Wall art is the favorite of most people. Regardless of whether any picture or painting can not be considered a healthy supplement to the family. If you get another shot from a sinking ship, throw it away. It is a depiction of degradation or failure. The general financial situation and interaction between family members are drastically affected.

Likewise, no images or sculptures of wild animals or birds appear anywhere, especially in bedrooms or living areas. Vastu shastra suggests that it causes wild animal instincts hidden in people that lead to conflicts. Flowers, landscapes, landscapes, etc. Better choice for wall art.

Paintings depicting the war scenes of Ramayana / Mahabharata bring wars among members of the family. You do not like competition and tensions to overpower you, do not you? (19459002)

Do not be surprised by the water fountains

You can claim that they are purely ornamental purposes for your dining or living room. After all, not everyone can afford to introduce expensive home decor items! But water is liquid in nature. That means everything in the house will be unstable. Richness and prosperity, in particular, are constantly flowing and flowing out of your life.

You do not think all idols are good Lord Shiva or Lord Nataraja Awesome in dancing pose. However, keep in mind that this pear relates to the rage of rage and destruction. The Lord is the Tandava Nrityat. They believe that the appearance of Lord Natawaraja's idolatry is as if he were demanding negativity and destruction in the house. There will never be inner peace.

Similarly, the house does not provide shelter for the broken idols of gods and goddesses. Pull them out right away if you do not want to miss bad luck in your house.

Pull the broken mirrors immediately. Do not even think about keeping bigger pieces, because you think it's enough to see the reflection. The catastrophe strikes your family without warning.

To sum up, be careful of the interior decoration and placement of the house. Make sure you get advice from a Vastu expert because you always want to stay in a positive atmosphere. Nothing can go to your financial performance, prosperity, and peace of mind.

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