China Business Travel 101

Ever wondered if you could deal directly with manufacturers … in China? It's easier than you think.

First Impressions:

In the autumn of 2005 I visited a business partner in China and I have to admit that I was amazed at the warm welcome we went to and we went to the factories. After never being there, and there was only news about the "difficulties" between China and the United States to imagine my imagination, I assumed that things would be too formal and formal for the best … at worst, cold … and what would be "constantly watching". I was so bad in both numbers. We were welcomed as guests, and we only had to ask the hotel staff to produce it almost magically.

Lost translation:

In addition to hotels and manufacturing facilities, business activity on streets and small shops was at most potentially difficult. We organized our factory visit and business meetings with our relations with China, and there was no language problem on this site. But after we stepped out of our own, we rarely found anyone – even in tourist gift shops – who couldn't communicate in English at all. Next time I visit China, I will hopefully come up with some basic Mandarin sentences, but for anyone who only visits for leisure, I recommend the help of translators.

Cash in China:

Another word of caution is that owners of businesses returning to the states can impress with your gold card, but the Chinese shopkeeper only has a nice plastic piece that doesn't buy a cup of Chinese tea. Even in big cities, you have to spend the Chinese yuan (also called Renminbi) in cash if you want to buy or eat in a restaurant. I have to say that the reason for this advanced is that you can't find yourself above the budget. But this is unlikely to happen with the incredibly low Chinese retail prices.

Low Retail Prices:

Once you have acquired communication difficulties, you will be surprised to find the discounts you can find in small shops. Initially an electronic paradise. Just make sure you do your homework, what will and will not work in the states. Of course, you can easily upload your personal purchases, but the real value will give you even more ideas about attractive products to get you home.

Chinese factories:

The visit of our factory in Huizhou has left us all. . . well, impressed & # 39; it looks like a strong word. The building, from the outside, was a kind of drab that looked here and there with hanging banners, but the story was different. First, we were treated as VIPs instead of Kenosha's mid-level managers. Most importantly, the level of automation in this factory was remarkable, even according to American standards, and when we look at the numbers, you see that productivity is very impressive. It is no longer a mystery to the US why China finds such a willing market in America.

Returning to:

I wish it was more than seven days to stay in China, but it won't be long before I return, this time a group of friends who listened to me about business opportunities since I came back … and who now want to go out to get a piece for themselves.

Source by Sarah Fairfax

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