Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand and is located in the north of the country, about 435 miles from Bangkok. If you are in Thailand and plan to visit Chiang Mai, there are many ways depending on your budget and time constraints.

Chiang Mai International Airport flies daily to Bangkok and many other Asian cities. Obviously, this will be the fastest way to get to Chiang Mai and there, and there is no reason to fly because the flights in Thailand are very affordable. Most times you can get one-way tickets to Bangkok or up to 1500 bytes or $ 50. Even from Chiang Mai to the southern islands of Thailand, you can't fly back for more than $ 100, so why not save hours and time?

By Train

Traveling by train is quite popular in Thailand and trains depart from Bangkok several times a day to Chiang Mai. It is also possible to purchase several types of train, including sleeping trains, express trains and standard trains. Those who want to travel by sleeping train (the best solution in my opinion) should note their tickets beforehand, as trains can sell, especially during many Thai holidays. Depending on which type of train you are taking, the journey lasts 11-15 hours. In contrast, a 45-minute flight takes an aircraft.


Buses are also a popular travel option in Thailand. Buses from Bangkok depart from Mo Chit Bus Station several times a day, and the first-class bus ticket and air-conditioned cost are about 500 baht or $ 17. The bus is also much faster than the buses running by train. Take the journey in 9 hours, but the bus is also less comfortable than a sleeping train. Guests staying at Bangkok Khao San Road can easily find private bus companies leaving Khao San Road, but with a warning card. Many have complained in the past that these private buses often try to fall into a guest house or hotel when they arrive. As I think most people are too tired to complain after a 9-hour trip, and bus drivers get a nice commission from the hotel.

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