Chiang Mai Festivals

Chiang Mai in North Thailand is a very popular tourist destination, attracting more than one million visitors a year. While many come to the zoo or see the famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, many of them contribute to one of the many festivals held in Chiang Mai over the years. The festivals are based on rather old cycles of religious conviction and moonlight while others are fairly fresh and highlight regional crafts and customs. No matter how they started, festivals offer exciting time to visit the city, and some should not be missed. Here are two famous festivals worth seeing:

Songkran is the most famous festival, not just in Chiang Mai, but throughout Thailand. This festival takes place in mid-April each year and is the celebration of the new lunar calendar year. The official Songkran lasts for 3 days, but in practice he can celebrate in Chiang Mai for a week or more. While the festival started to appreciate the elders and bring luck to the new year, one of the aspects is the most popular and this is the launch of water for others. At one time, this was done to cleanse the sins of the past years and to be ready for the new yar, but these days water collection is more like a full water battle and if we are in Thailand at this time to be immersed. If you travel to Chiang Mai's canals, find them all who will be admitted to the action in the water to anyone who is approaching them. If you do not mind being wet, then Songkran should not be missed. Loy Kratong is another famous Thai festival and is celebrated in typical Lanna fashion in Chiang Mai, just like anywhere else in Thailand. The festival typically takes place in November and has been developed thanksgiving for spirits and a way to get rid of the misfortune and bring luck to yourself. The festival is characterized by the floating (or lover) or the snake, which small fly plates traditionally include banana leaves. Those who are cool in their picks offer candles, candles, food and money before they swim across rivers, lakes and canals through Thailand. Seeing that hundreds of them floating on the river, enough sight. It is even more amazing to see the many hot air balloons in the air. They are called Khom Loy and are made of rice paper and are set to float in the air by placing a burning candle in the holder under the "balloon" paper. Under Loy Kratong, it is not uncommon for thousands of mini hot air balloons to be released in Chiang Mai, so the sky seems to be an artificial scene.

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