Chiang Khan: Loei's Most Famous District These Days

Whenever any Thaian think about the Loei province, they think Chiang Khan, the small perimeter of the Loei province, which is the Lao PDR of Xanamkhan Province. This is the popular location of the district today and Isaan Thainess (the quality of The North East Thai people). Recently, Thailand Pai No. 2 (Pai is a very famous tourist destination in the north of Thailand.) Why is Pai No.2 called?

In Pai, tourists see the place and the beautiful views of the rivers and the mountains. People's lifestyle is simple. Tourists see the same things in Pai No.2. Chiang Khan's lifestyle is very simple, and the city is free from all sorts of pollution. Along the Mekong River are local style houses, guest houses and restaurants. Local food is very similar to the Lao PDR and is very good. For those who like to eat fish, the Mekong River will find huge cat fish in any of the city's restaurants.

If you are an early bird, you can visit Keng Kut Kue from the Mekong River very beautiful. At Keng Kut Kue, local grocery stores are on the banks of the river. Spicy jumping shrimp is one of the favorite foods in the place. The shrimp are still alive while we eat. The papaya salad is very hot and spicy. People cry when they eat. Not because they are sad, they cry because the district's local food is very hot. One of the most famous souvenir fries sweetens young coconut. The name of chewable sweet coconut is called Ma Prao-Kaeo. Visitors who visit Chiang Khan always buy this product to be gift items for relatives and friends. The village near Keng-Kut-Kue is the best place to build Ma-Prao-Kaeo.

Sunset in this old town is very interesting. If visitors to Chiang Khan want to see the sunset on the Mekong River, they can walk by night on the river or see the sunset on the balcony of the restaurant. Night in Chiang Khan's old town is what they want to do from the big city.

If you like a simple lifestyle, you need to find the time to visit Chiang Khan and see how people live in a very small town. Most Chiang Khan people are traditional farmers. In the morning they wake up very early and go to the Buddhist temple to offer food to the monks. Then I'm going to their farm. Chiang Khan is now one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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