Central Asia Travel Attractions – Kazakhstan

Nearly half of the 48 contiguous United States, Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country in the world, visibly different from geography and missing places. The northern forests gradually become flat steppes to the driest areas, and finally to the southern deserts. Kazakhstan has minerals rich in oil and gas. Islam and Christianity are dominant religions, although religious tolerance is not a religious religion because of the widely recognized norms and the stoppage of the Soviet era. The national character of the Kazakh people is hospitality. Due to the long-term nomadic culture of the country, strangers are treated as honorable guests. Respect for guests and the elderly as well as tolerance and tranquility are rooted in childhood.

Almaty is the largest city and commercial capital of the country. The ancient home of the world's alms can be traced back to the region. In fact, "Apple" means "apple". The Great Silk Caravans crossed this ancient city, where spices, porcelain, silk and civilization influenced the farm from the east to the barbaric west.

From a West One Night Train to Baykonur Cosmodrome, the Russian Space Program Home. Following the secret guard site, Baykonur is now open to visitors where space exploration is possible, visit the complex where the original astronauts are trained and where today Russian flights have been launched at the International Space Station.

About 160 kilometers (160 km) east of Almaty lies the natural wonders of the Altyn-Emel National Park. The region includes rare animals, such as Siberian mountain goats, ancient Scythian burial mounds, 3500-year-old stone designs and the Kyzyl-Auyz gorge, where "hardwood" is hard to withstand the mud. The park also features other secular "moon landscapes" and the unforgettable "Songdunas", which give the voice of an organ in dry weather. The unmistakable motion of the dune's dry sand slurry causes vibrations that become trampled under dry conditions and which produce strong sound waves in connection with the resonant environment that can be heard miles

Here is Charyn Canyon, the so-called America Grand Canyon his youngest brother, deep gorgeous gorges, spectacular rock formations and one of the most beautiful rafting, canyoning and water rafting in the world.

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