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I was in Thailand and I can't count how many times I visited this place. If I leave Thailand for too long, I feel the urge and the excitement that I will return to Thailand again. Many people ask me why I go to Thailand instead of looking for a new place. The answer to this question is very simple. I just feel very connected with culture, people and everything in Thailand. I feel like visiting my own home when I'm there; the only place in Asia that I still feel at home.

How Do I Love Thailand? Here are some reasons I like the country:

1. The food is so delicious. For those who have never eaten authentic Thai food but say they love such foods, they still lose a lot. Food in Thailand is so much better than any other food in the world. There are so many different flavors. The food is very tempting. As a rule, I need to order non-spicy foods, as Thai food is known as spice. Street vendors have real cheap meals, and the food is full all day. In addition, there are many other international dishes in the country because tourists are entering. Bangkok has many restaurants I like. I find Indian food, Mexican, and more.

2. The weather is very warm. For those who love the day, this is a great place, especially in summer. This is really a great alternative; and much better than depositing a large amount of snow cover in Boston. This is what I like about the tropical climate; no shovel or snow needed. I can always be good, wearing just a smooth shirt and wearing shorts.

3. Thailand's locations are friendly. Some of the sites are the friendliest people I've ever met. Many are smiling and trying to be so helpful and polite. If you find yourself in trouble, try to help and translate as much as possible if they don't speak their language. When I visit Thailand, the sellers and owners of the most frequent shops I always receive with a hug and a big smile. Thais is hot and wants to be friends.

4. A good place to travel. Thailand is not too far from other countries, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali, and Australia and Europe. You can skip Thailand to almost any other place, which is a great bonus for travelers. It is also easier to visit other places through Thailand.

5. Cheap in Thailand. Everything is cheap. I can visit Thailand at a good price and live there at a good price. For example, I spent only 4 days on my meal for the whole day, including food and drinks. If you buy food from sellers on the street, it will probably cost you only $ 1. A nice place for just $ 10 and a beach for just $ 15-20. Apartments are also available in Bangkok, which can cost up to $ 300 for one month's rent. You can definitely provide your budget in Thailand.

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