Cat breeds

Although there are many cat breeds, this article briefly describes well-known varieties. Each variety has a separate label and is often easily recognizable. Cats have been crossed for many years, but the cats shown below are still pure breeding.

The Russian blue silver blue cat originally comes from Russia. The outer coat is coarse, while the undercoat is soft and slippery. The body is lean and elongated and the eyes are usually dark green. The breed is very intelligent and playful, but nervous among strangers. The breed is loyal to the owners.

Another kind of abyssinian. They think the breed comes from Egypt. This kind is active, colorful and muscular. Medium size, soft, silky and dense. His eyes are almond shaped and can be gold, hazel, copper or green. The breed needs great attention and is anxious for strangers.

Burma originally came from Thailand. Medium size and very muscular. His eyes are golden or yellow. Burmase was brown, but selective breeding made it available in many colors. Her coat is short-haired, satin-like. Burmese has intelligent, playful and even temperament.

One of the oldest varieties of Egyptian mau. Egyptian mau is the only natural and fastest domestic cat breed. Although Mau is smaller than a few cats, the body shape and hind legs provide greater agility and speed. Mau likes warm temperature. Mau is very loyal to his owner, but he doesn't take the strangers well.

The Himalayan Persian-type cat. This is a long-haired cat that needs daily tooth brushing. Its bright blue eyes and color point are Siamese, which distinguishes it from the Persians. His legs are short, his ability to jump. Temperament is sweet and good companion. Smart and very active.

One of the larger cats is the Maine Coon. It comes from Maine, where the state cat is. This is a long-haired cat that comes in many colors. Long fur is waterproof and the shape of its toes allows it to go in the snow. Maine Coon is one of the largest types of domestic cats weighing up to 18 pounds. Smart, alien, but cautious with strangers.

Manx is a tireless cat with a strong body, despite being a mutant spine. Mutated magic means tail. Manx comes from the Isle of Man. Long, coarse outer coat and thick undercoat. The longer front legs are rounded. Manx is a sweet and powerful hunter.

Another long-haired cat in Persian. The Persian has a thick coat, short legs, wide heads and large eyes, and a "shifted" look. It requires daily cleaning and brushing to avoid health problems. Has good temperament and good companion.

The origin of Devon Rex dates back to 1960 in England. Devon Rex has a short curly soft coating, large ears, wide head and upside down nose. The mustache is short and wavy. Long legs and big toes make it jump very well. You can't tolerate extreme temperatures. Devon Rex is intelligent, very friendly and loves high places.

Last but not least, Siamese. The Siamese cat comes from Siam (Thailand). The siamese slim, long, well muscled body, triangular head, almond-shaped eyes and long, thin neck. The hair is short, bright and soft and has a sharp color scheme. Siamese is the most singing song of all breeds and jumps easily. Siamese is intelligent and very social.

It has a unique appearance and behavior. As an owner, you have to decide which features are important to you. Whether you chose a cat as mentioned above, a stray or a cat from an animal shelter, a cat makes a loyal pet when we treat it with love and kindness. If you choose to have a clean cat, make sure that the cat is the cat's cat; Association standards for authenticity.

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